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  1. Thanks for the tip!! I don't play in a band, but I remember in the MeAmBobbo setup guide he mentioned to set the Global Low Cut Filter as not to stomp on the bass if your in a band. The tape echo position has been a compromise for me, I really like the sound of a tape echo, but I get clipping from any of the tape based echo units when I place it on the other side of the mixer. It doesn't matter what's before the mixer (a simple clean preamp) and the tape echo clips when I strum a chord. Hard to hear on my cheap practice amp but with nice studio monitors or headphones it quite obvious. I put up a post about it here. -jen http://line6.com/support/topic/19804-question-about-tape-echos/?do=findComment&comment=149810
  2. Howdy, For some reason I am unable to edit any of the properties for the tones I upload to Customtone. To avoid confusion I just wanted to drop a note that these tones are my attempt at a Keith Richards type tone. All songs are in open G. Brown Sugar and Honky Tonk Woman titles are self explanatory. Vent Blues is the slide part for Ventilator Blues Knockin Tele is Can't You Hear Me Knockin. Don't think the song was originally played on a Tele but any guitar will work. enjoy and Tweak... Thanks, Jen
  3. Thanks! Yes it sounds very close to what I was hearing through the analog connection to amp. I think I need to calibrate my SPDIF output because the original tone I uploaded sounded nice and clean and then I played your tone through SPDIF it sounded funky, the echo sounded like "air being let out of a tire". When I went to analog it sounds great, I have since uploaded mine again for "analog only" but I don't use the speaker sim because it sounds bigger through my Celestion.
  4. More so than a "historically accurate" tone, I was just trying to put together a nice tone I could play from gritty Brian Setzer to Cliff Gallup kinda stuff. I didn't like the tape echo's in front of the amp because I couldn't get that nice "pop" of the muted strings. I settled with an analog delay after the amp and am somewhat happy with the latest in the Customtone shop "at the moment". Still needs some tweaking but sounds nice on my Gretsch. -jen oops just uploaded a new one that has speaker simulation, the other one was for my practice amp , no speaker simulation.
  5. Greetings, I've been creating some early Rock n' Roll and Country tones and true to the era I've tried using the Tape Echo. I like the sound of an echo/delay after the preamp and thought that is where they are supposed to go. Are all Tape-based echo's supposed to be in front of the Amp model? I use my PODHD in 3 different ways: 1. As a preamp plugged direct into Power amp of cheap solid state Monoprice amp for practicing. 2. effects only in front of my AC15 3. Recording into DAW using SPDIF plugged into my Focusrite with Logic. I ask this because I can make the most basic "clean" patch on my PodHD, say a Bassman with a Tape Echo behind it and the Tape Echo makes a fizz or splat sort of sound when strumming chords no matter what tweaks I make. Only Tube, Tape echos (clean or dry) do this. The Analog or Digital delays do not do this and sound great so that's what I've been using. It's difficult to hear this on my guitar amps, but when connected to my Focusrite through my high-end Genelec monitors it's quite noticeable. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks, Jen
  6. This is the issue http://line6.com/support/topic/9855-pod-hd-desktop-huge-volume-spike-w-tuner-problem/?hl=tuner+problem
  7. For practice I love my bean. I have a shortboard to give me all the foot controllers for Exp pedal and looper. Mount the bean on a short mic stand and the controls are the same height as an amp face so I can easily reach over and make adjustments. The output is sent to an FX return loop on a simple clean sounding SS practice amp and I have great setup to jam on the couch (or whereever) with killer tone. To have everything easily accessible is a big deal for me than having to bend over and fuss with a computer when I'm playing with amps and effects. I wish they would fix the tuner loud sound problem, the last update was supposed to but has not. -Jen
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