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  1. lol thanks bro .. but i am in melbourne .. how much did you get your DT 25 for?? everyone in Melbourne is being Royal PIA ... with the prices .. i am amazed at how much these guys are ripping the end users . the least i got for it 1295 for a floor model somewhere in woolongong .. and they will charge another 30 bucks to get it to melbourne ..
  2. hi guys, i am ordering a dt 25 from the US and i am a bit confused about the power supply. in the us the standard is 100/110 volts while in Australia (where i am) its 220 volts. on the back of the amp it says both the voltages. but in the manuals start up guide it has the following line: "Connect only to AC power outlets rated: 100/120V 220/240V 50/60Hz (depending on the voltage range of the included power supply)." to me it seems the amp can handle both .. can someone confirm that ?? or do i need to buy a 220 to 110 converter to run this amp...
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