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  1. I am now working with my new IPAD Pro 3.Gen (USB-C/USB-4). So I am no longer able to use my Sonic Port. I already tried to use the ANKER USB-C/Lightning converter cable, but the sonic port device is not recognized by the new IPAD can anybody recommend a converter cable to continue using the sonic port? Thx guenter
  2. I run two xd-v75 and two xd-v55 receivers in a rack. A pair of P180 paddles is used for v75-v75-v55 in a chain, the second v55 unit uses its own antennas. Now I purchased 2 Relay G10 units which automatically select channels. How should I power up the whole thing in terms of sequence? How should I select channels on XD-V for optimal interoperability with G10? Could I run a third G10 unit in parallel with this setup? Thanks for any comments.
  3. Thank you. Is there a way to monitor the level of the signal arriving at the dynEq.
  4. Could you please point out how the two thresholds operate? Do both operate when signal is above the threshold or is the low one working opposite way? Should the high threshold be always set above the low one?
  5. Hi, anybody using M20d as a playback device for Window 7 Audio Output (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.)? I run the line 6 stagescape Driver I assigned "Laptop" preset to channels 17/18 Sound heard through the Speakers with a delay of approx. greater 1 second. I adjusted everything as suggested in this section (16bit / 44.1kHz, Default Buffer 512, Tone direct buffer size at almost extra smal) I tried almost all Settings and I cleaned up my USB installations but it seems to make no difference. currently I do not do any USB recordings. I just want to fix this issue first thanks for sharing your experiences Guenter
  6. The xdv's run in the default mode. I didn't change it after unpacking. The xdv gear is new. Usually in a venue I do a channel scan with my xdv75 receiver and then select the two best channels which mostly are 1 to 3 or 12. I do this after the mixer and the samsung stick are on M20d is configured in standalone mode at channel 11(2.462Ghz) M20d an the xdv receivers sit in a single 11height rack together with analog wireless systems from AKG. When other wifi is around then the connection dropping happens more often.
  7. My gear is as follows: M20d. (Firmware 1.20) Samsung WIS12ABGNX Ipad 3 2x XD-V55 handhelds XD-V75 receiver XD-V55 receiver The Mics work fine, but the WiFi connection with the Remote Stagescape App drops a lot of times. Even though I use the XD-V75 channel scan to select the best channels on the mics. Anybody out there with some hints?
  8. Hi, did my first live recording with the M20d on an SD card. Everything easy and recorded well but with very low audio levels. My two mic channels were levelled around 0db and guitar and bass around -5db. Main out level was at -10db. I recorded inputs and main outs. The individual tracks appear louder than the main mix. The main mix .wav file imported into my DAW shows let's say max. 8-10% of a useful audio level. How can I adjust volume levels for recording?
  9. Hi Berkon, With a stable wifi connection, the app will stay connected during ipad-lock or even do a quick reconnect, if so configured. The issue I have is in using the supported samsung usb-wifi stick in parallel with two line6 wireless microphones (XD V 55). In this setup the ipad loses its wifi connection very often. Maybe the samsung signal is to weak or interferes with the mics.
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