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  1. Maybe, will keep en eye out on the forum to see how things develop, cheers!
  2. Thanks for talking the time to do that! Call me a sceptic but as its a l6 marketing video so I would never have expected it to sound exactly like that anyway;-) I got a buyer for my helix this morning so it's all boxed up ready to be picked up. Will keep an eye on how it develops as I really like its potential.
  3. Yep, how boring would it be if we all heard things the same way and liked the same stuff!!
  4. Dunno, don't work for fractal or line 6 so no idea how related the code in the boxes today relates to the 500 to old axe fx standard, don't think of things that way. They can say it's all brand new but who really knows, we know all the effects aren't. I work in a software related industry and have seen many 'built new from the ground up' products that take a bit here and the from existing technology. Price is relative to what you can afford I guess, the price difference you mention wouldn't come into it for me, wouldn't compromise on what I want for 10% or so difference, but I would say that a more or less 10% or so difference in price does to me put them in a similar price point (which is what I said, did not say same) - I'm lucky enough to have all three units right now, you mentioned you never tried a fractal, maybe if you could side by side you would hear, and especially feel a difference, which to me in pure quality of tone of amps and effects makes the helix less value for money. I don't need an audio interface, and don't really like the inbuilt pedal vs using an external one so for me, where the helix is in the marathon, I think I'm better off skipping to the half way point;-) Anyway, at risk of this turning into one of those terrible vs threads, I going to back away slowly - will close with, as said before I like the helix, just not enough to to keep it. Hope it's does develop as a platform, if so maybe I'll pick one up again in the future.
  5. In the app select Impulse responses, should show a list of empty slots similar to where presets are shown. You can drag and drop from windows explorer into that list, that will automatically load them into the helix.
  6. dialing out un-musical harshness is not what I would expect.. no biggy - not all units are for everyone.. glad its working for you Your point on firmware is interesting, I see it brought up before but I don't buy it - reality is Fractal didn't have much competition back then when you had to work harder to get good tones out of it - it enjoyed that position in the market - the market is changed, so what may have been ok for Fractal then, would not in my opinion be ok for another product now in a similar price point, may be unfair but that's the reality of a market where there is competition - now I don't mean my response to be bashing the Helix, that's not my intent - just answering our point. I quite like the Helix, ive gotten good tones out of it - just not as many as id like, or as good as id like and struggle with the kind of digital distortion\harshness the OP brought up -
  7. ive certainly had more luck with SC pickups.. less so on humbuckers - maybe the signal is too hot somewhere which is causing the digital distortion\harshness that the OP was referring to - but all my HB guitars are pretty low PAF type - like PRS 58\09, Gibson custom shop PAF types..
  8. The issue I have and why my helix is up for sale is in my opinion you shouldn't need to work so hard on a Modeler at this price point, maybe some years ago but not now. I certainly like aspects of the helix but found myself spending too much time turning nobs trying to get dial out stuff that I don't think should be there in the first place. I don't have this frustration playing through real amps or modellers (have Kemper and axe8) I just dial in the tone I want and play. Not so with the helix. Could well be user error but I suspect not in my opinion the unit needs a significant firmware update.
  9. Received, and working fine. Have listed for sale though
  10. I had a problem with one of my scribble strips. Text would disappear, then display corrupt. Logged a ticket and advised to return unit, which I did. New unit arrives today, so hopefully all good
  11. Had to return my Helix due to a faulty scribble strip, but was getting happier with what I was hearing out of it. Still think maybe a little too much work needed to dial out stuff and being pretty competent in using eq's beyond normal BMT is needed to coax out tones I like. Given I'm not all that competent with eq's that's a personal challenge;-) anyway my take from the response suggests there are others who whilst maybe and likely way more at home doing a lot of eq surgery, maybe/hopefully the firmware will evolve to require less of this over time. Prob going to take at least a couple of weeks to get a replacement, but looking forward to jumping back in when I can.
  12. Isn't there a template in the helix for 4CM? that may help - but what id do is, guitar into helix, effects you want before the amp - effectsloop block (cable from helix send 1 to guitar input - cable from guitar amp effects send to return 1) then cable from 1/4" output on helix to guitar amp effects loop return. In the options for loops you can use seperate effects send's or return blocks, or there is one block you can use for effects send and return - if using the two block approach (think from memory...) the default return mix or volume is not 100% so you may want to change that.
  13. Its probably an interesting balance between hardware resources and the cost (in processing bandwith) to see how far effects\amp\cab modelling can be pushed vs impacting the ability to run multiple effects\cabs\amps at the same time. Things like reverbs can take a lot of processing power to really excel i think, and maybe you get to the point of diminishing returns. I think the reverbs are ok, id like them to be better, but don't hate them by any stretch, it think they can easily suck the tone a bit more than id expect, which could have something to do with their lack of transparency... but now im getting into things i know nothing about ;-) - it would be great if things like this could be scallable, so we could choose the quality against hardware\resource usage, so you could have a relatively simple patch with very lush, intensive reberbs (or say using the Helix as effect only in a 4cm setup) or you could have lower quality so you can have more complex patches.
  14. ive had some better luck this evening being a little more aggressive with eq cuts, and through studio monitors, I can hear good tone in there trying to get out;-) so think I'll hold onto the unit. It kind of reminds me of earlier in the kemper day where people used to add lots of pre and post eq to profiles, or similarly same thing earlier in the fractal days. As those systems evolved there didn't seem so much of a need so maybe this is an area that l6 will continue to review for possible improvement.
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