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  1. Used both Les Paul Classic and Fender Stratocaster Professional . Guitar inot helix, Send output to the power amp in on the Hot Rod Deluxe. Guitar Pad on and off. Send set to instrument. Have to use amp only most of the time or the sound is worse.
  2. I will try it with the effects only and see how that fairs out. But that sort of defeats the purpose for the helix. I have had slight success turning the speaker sims off. but , like i said, turnning up gain or adding od/dist doesnt pan out. But I will try the effects only. I will see about renting an FRFR to see if this works . If it does, great.
  3. That's the million dollar question. In my Area , everyone has the same experience. To even get a good sound at all we have to use send return into the power amp of a combo amp. Going into the front end is awful. If there are settings required to that extent, Line 6 hasn' made any effort to offer up suggestions. Ive heard those demos and most of them are high gain. even on high gain settings the result is harsh painful od/distorton sounds. I would like very much to be directed to the secret. after a full week- still no luck.
  4. I find the amp models, most- but not all, are almost decent by themselves. But anything requiring overdrive or distortion is awful. Also the effects offering is rather limited for the price tag and difficult to understand the terms used to describe parameters.
  5. This test was done in the store through several amps. As I have said previously, In my area most guitarists are finding the same thing. No separation between notes on chords , muddled or choppy overdrive/distortion and often sharp to the point of harshness. This is something I fell Line6 has to work on to resolve. It has a very presentable look to the hardware, even desired, but they need to really do more on all sounds coming from this unit. It has an envelope sound to most amp modals that is the signature of heavy processing. this too needs to go for the 2K or 1K it takes to buy one of these. I am for the Helix in principle. But there needs to be much more work done to make it competitive and palletable at that price. It needs to be stage ready for any genre.Most Helix owners don't want to hear that and have rather crude remarks to anyone providing positive feedback on what needs to be improved. Its competitor, HeadRush, is worse in this regard. when you hear pristine advertised sounds on a product and cant her the same live, it is like false advertisement in a sense and it is very disappointing when your excited about a product. This is the last I will comment on the product, but Line6, you could really be the top player with a bit more work.
  6. I am finding that most of the overdrives sound like a broken speaker to me at times.
  7. Is there any sound clips to prove the helix can do organic sounding overdrives for the low gain stuff? I am still not able to buy any of these units becasue the presets are so awful. Not having evidence is a tough call when your putting out major coin
  8. Well heres the thing, there is no evidence of separation between strings when a fundamental chord is played in any mode, no attempt to reproduce organic anything. When your going to put out 1- 2k, this has to be a better presentation at the point of sale, or at least in the promotion for the product. Prove it can be achieved. 15 days to struggle through reams of tonal options is not enough if you are going to keep the thing. Buy the way, the HeadRush " the helix killer" is worse. Most every guitar player I know shares the same opinion. However, I would really appreciate being proven wrong on this because I am stilling holding out hope for such a rig. Yes it takes work. But when first impressions don't please, why would you buy any product.
  9. I had one brought in to Guitar Center, and out of the box, I was so disappointed. There ought to be a law to protect the consumer when the actual device doesn't perform as advertised out of the box. The cleans were ok, but the preset overdrives and amp models simply garbage. Send a message to these manufactures. Tell the that there is more to a multi effects pedal and amp simulators than tooth rattling metal tones. Also, sound is analogue and sinusoidal. The digital overdrive an distortion in these things are to grainy and hiding either the p[layer or pedal nuder noise gates makes it worse. No multi effects pedal should price out more than 999 CDN. This is another thing. A 2000.00 piece of gear should be unquestionably near perfect in all respects, not just the highest gain amp or pedal. They all need to go back to the drawing board.
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