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  1. Brazzy's post in Need to buy some kind of Y adapter so I can plug in two headphones was marked as the answer   
    Here's one. It says it's $5.99.
  2. Brazzy's post in Spider IV 15w replacement mp3 jack? was marked as the answer   
    Does it look like this? http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/230780-Line-6-21-12-0035

  3. Brazzy's post in HD 500 MP3/CD line in for my drum machine help........ was marked as the answer   
    Oh I forgot to tell you that if you plug the drum machine into the DT50's FX return it should sound great. I do this with my Beat Buddy with stereo amps (DT50 & Peavey Valveking II 20 MH) with excellent results. Just another way to use the FX Loop on the amps. My routing would be guitar in HD500 guitar input, Pods 1/4" analog out into Beat Buddy and Beat Buddy out into the FX return of the DT. Or Just go into the DT's preamp with the guitar and use the Beat Buddy going into the Amps FX Return.
  4. Brazzy's post in Global E.Q. Parameters was marked as the answer   
    I think your referring to the "Q". The Q narrows or widens a particular frequency range. You should just try it out, example make a riff and record using the looper then play said riff and then go the GEQ and choose a freq range and completely cut it by turning gain all the way down and then narrow and widen the Q.
    I hope I explained that right but by testing like this you can actually hear what kind of effect it has to your tone.
  5. Brazzy's post in How do I command my DT via MIDI? was marked as the answer   
    How'z it go'in "m". This is always a good topic for the DT's since midi can offer some really cool abilities, it's just getting it all streamlined so that your A.C.T. (All Comes Together) runs smoothly.
    I've been toying with the MIDI Memo recorder (iPad) and the DT50 and am able to record my moves from the DT, DT Edit and the HD500 while all of them are hooked up at the same time. After I record my moves when I hit play with the Midi Memo (iPad) it starts to repeat any moves (tweaks) and I better start my act (playing), lol. If ya know what I mean. I can pause it though :). I find it fun and can end up with some cool tone curves from the tweaks depending on how fast/slow I tweak it.
    Sometimes I'll just plug midi out from my HD500 to DT50 midi in and set up midi patches, as per the MIDI Implementation Guide Line 6 has available. I go right into the front (preamp) of the DT with the guitar. If I want to I can go midi in to the Pod with iPad midi memo recording I previously had and it will send that to the DT through the Pod. I'll say Midi has a lot to offer, it's just tapping into it so that your comfortable, practice, practice and have fun doing it.
    I usually always set up my patches using the same topology so I don't the pop issue when changing patches, lol.
    While I have fun with it in the personal setting I would need to really practice an act to feel confident and it is possible. There are a bunch of different ways to control midi though, options are out there.
    Since my experience is limited I'm always interested in other peoples experiences.
  6. Brazzy's post in POD UX2 is constantly monitoring my mic was marked as the answer   
    GearBox or PodFarm? I think you want to turn the monitor volumes down.

  7. Brazzy's post in DT50 BIAS VOLTAGE FREAKOUT IN VOICE III was marked as the answer   
    I was under the understanding that the bias is not affected by the voicings. I can't check it 'cause my DT50 HD is still in for servicing. I don't think your going to get much concrete info on this but my hopes are high. The III voicing was always the noisiest for me, sounded good when played though. Have you done a support ticket? or called Line 6? You should if you haven't. Good Luck I'll be following.
  8. Brazzy's post in How do I remove tones from my ux2 list? was marked as the answer   
    The tone files are in your documents in a Line 6 folder and then in a tones folder either GearBox or PodFarm, etc.etc. All you need to do is delete or move this file or delete a particular tone or tones or all of them inside that folder and the next time you open up GearBox or PodFarm or whichever program your using at the time they will be gone until you populate it again.
  9. Brazzy's post in DT50 Combo - Muting the speaker was marked as the answer   
    mtreehugger has it right! I called Line 6 too.
    I would update your amp and go for it! Now I can't wait to get mine back, lol.
    Last time I did it I was plugging the guitar into the front of the DT. I wasn't using a Pod.
  10. Brazzy's post in How hot should my DT50 get? was marked as the answer   
    I measured the temp of my DT50 Head by just holding a Cat No 22-171 Radio Shack Waterproof Pocket IR Thermometer as close to the screen in three spots. In the middle were the tubes are measured approx. 170 degrees F, to the left and right were around 90 degrees F. I would estimate the glass is around 200 degrees. Remember, this is an estimate and the testing was done indoors in a low humidity room at approx 78 degrees F.
  11. Brazzy's post in testing...testing was marked as the answer   
    I know from experience that a resistor or even a fuse can look and measure good but be bad when it heats up.
  12. Brazzy's post in Buying A Used Pod Studio Ux2 was marked as the answer   
    You need to own the license. I do believe your friends license can be tranferred to you though. Check this out http://line6.com/account/licenses/instructions/
  13. Brazzy's post in How To Calibrate Second Expression Pedal was marked as the answer   
    The second expression pedal doesn't calibrate as far as I remember reading. The EX-1, I think it's called, uses a pot and the pod just looks for that value, whatever it is. There were some threads about this long ago. Here's 1 thread. http://line6.com/support/topic/3692-hd500x-and-ex-1/
  14. Brazzy's post in How Is The Newest Hd500 Firmware Working With Dt25/50? was marked as the answer   
    Works good IMO. Here's a thread that cover's this.
  15. Brazzy's post in Auto Volume Delay And Echo Reverb Problem, Or Is It Just Me? was marked as the answer   
    Update: After all of the above I think it was my fault. I reopened the patch today and found the Echo Reverb Decay at 100%. Lol Moral of the story? "It pays to step back and reflect" and the Answer to the question is "It was Me" :P
  16. Brazzy's post in My Only Complaint With The Sj was marked as the answer   
    You can reduce the volume of the sound file with Audacity and then save it that way. Try it out.
  17. Brazzy's post in Home Recording With The Dt25 112 Combo - Level Issue was marked as the answer   
    I think there's a setting in the recording settings that lets you boost the signal I think up to 18db. I believe this setting can also be accessed in the Line 6 ASIO settings. Might not help you but I remember it helped me. See the attached pictures.
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