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How Is The Newest Hd500 Firmware Working With Dt25/50?


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I just noticed the firmware notes from the latest "flash" update to the HD500, and it seems to indicate the master volume on the HD500 now controls the DT25/50 - is that working properly for ya'all?


The post doesn't indicate a date, so I have no idea how long this has been in play; my guess is my HD500 is overdue for a couple updates next time I get a chance to plug it into Monkey!


Does this update do anything to address the issues being reported with the latest Variax update, in terms of the "popping" and "clicking" sounds which occur, when using the HD500 patch changes to force change models on the Variax?


I can't tell which update is more recent - this HD500 firmware, or the newest HD update to the Variax.


I am going to for the first time, play a JTV59 in GtrCntr sometime this week, and see how it feels and sounds. Very interested in how the three parts are supposed to integrate, though for some it's doing nothing by irritate, rather that inta-great! (bad pun, sorry, still on my first cup of coffee... ;)


"Master knob on the POD now attenuates the level sent to connected L6 LINK devices.

§ Previous firmware versions had no attenuation at the output to L6 LINK connected devices - for the same results as before this update, simply turn the Master knob to maximum."

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