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  1. 1) sag, bias, bias x 2) if your using a real tube power amp consider using the pods pre amp models... 3) powered speakers...I'd use a combo model, mess with the sag, bias and bias x. Studio/direct output Assuming youre also running a signal direct to the house mixer
  2. How do y'all like to set these? I find it particularly satisfying to dime the master sag and bias x.
  3. Try turning up the sag,bias or bias excursion ...or all three....but especially the sag
  4. Have you messed with the sag, hum, bias, and bias excursion settings? Have you played with the cab simulators? I'm not sure if you're bypassing your amps preamp, or running direct into the board?
  5. I like putting the fx loop block at the end of the chain. Then I put all my effects infront of the fx loop block. And use the fx send to feed my amp...into the guitar input on the pod, out of the fx send into the amp...that's how I use my pod for just it's effects
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