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  1. I have a perfect fit flightcase form Thomann. Stee website Thomann Germany.
  2. theolotman

    Amp Switching

    Hello, I have my Helix two days. I have several line 6 products (vetta, toneport, amplifi, variax,mobile keys) The Helix is now the flagship :) ​. But I have a little problem. My amp is a Fender 65 de luxe reverb. I want to use two knops EXT AMP to contact the reverb and the vibrato of the Fender amp. One for reverb and one for vibrato. I use a standard trs good working cable. The reverb can be on and off but the vibrato stays on (stops a part of a second) De fender amp sleef + ring = reverb off sleef + tip + vibato on I have tried several combinations but de vibrato stays on. Help me. Theo
  3. Hello, I have a question. When I make a sound with a Wah and I saved it to the hardware its saved without the whasetting I must use the pedalswitch to make the wha work I even had the vvolume set off. I expected when you make a sound that it save all settings. What do I do wrong? Theo
  4. When I changing banks with the footswitch I can see the change in the banks of my tablet. When I change the bank on my tablet or sound under a,b,c or d. the bank or the leds on the amplifi stay the same. Why is it they dont change? Theo
  5. Android not working Help !!! I bought today the amplifi fx 100. I connected it with the amp and it did sound well. Then I tried to control it with my Samsung Note and I've got the message to update de Amplifi to version 2. Updater installed on a laptop windows 8 and the update completed. Then I can controlled the Amplifi with the Samsung. Everything works except there was no sound. Reset to factorysettings and update to version 1 make the Amplifi to live but I cannot control it with the Samsung. Tried several times to update again but nothing works. Is there someone who was able to let the Amplifi work with Android? Theo
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