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  1. I have looked through the forums but didn't fully find any info on this: When using the FBV Shortboard or even the bigger one with 2 pedals..... Do the lights light up when you change to the different A,B,C,D buttons? I didn't know if the new firmware was going to make that part work yet or not. I had the longboard with the two pedals working pretty good before the firmware update but the lights always just had patch A lit up and the tuner was funky too. I haven't had it back to test it after the firmware but I have the shortboard to test and it just says FBV MKii on the display but when you press the different patches or banks they work great. It is just kind of hard to know what bank you are on. Travis
  2. Hey I was looking for the same info. I just did what this thread did and it downloaded them all. http://line6.com/support/topic/8492-missing-presets/ Just hold down the volume and tone button when powering up. It will restore the device to factory defaults but will add the rest of the 100 presets when it boots back up. Travis
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