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  1. Uber guru - I am aware - as I stated - I contacted sweetwTer who contacted line 6 directly. The answer from line 6 was incorrect. The user forum member answered the question correctly , thanks read again
  2. TRAVIS !!! Right on ! Thank you - done maybe you should work at line 6! Disappointed in the lack of knowledge by line 6 here. I can understand sweet water tech not knowing the answer and commend sweet water for reaching out to their contact at line 6 but how can a line 6 employee ( tech support) not even know this - makes me smh - I'm a dream rig owner, amplifi w MKII srtbrd, jtv, pod and other line 6 stuff - hey line 6 train your guys better
  3. Here is Line 6's response. In this video below, we show how to save tones from your AMPLIFi hardware to your ‘My Tones’ cloud, then take those saved tones and save them to new preset locations on the AMPLIFi hardware. There is no “all at once†dump from the app to the amp. As you save them on the app, they are also saved in the amp. Tapping on the ‘AMPLIFi 75/150 or FX100’ listing from the main menu of the AMPLIFi Remote app will show you what is currently saved on the hardware. You must have a Shortboard or iOS device with the app to then access the banks. http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifiers/ampl/amplifi-preset-locations-video-r621
  4. I just got shortboard MKII TO HAVE ACCESS TO 100 presets on the floor -I see the 100 presets is a good starting point , with tones I haven't seen in tone search - after updating the amplifi ( significant amount of time! ) I thought the update would load those presets - but it didn't. How do I download that bundle ? One at a time ?, this is what I was told I had to do by my vendor . That can't be right ? See below Knowledge Base → Amplifiers → AMPLIFi → Article: AMPLIFi 75 & 150 - Preset List Categories See All → General FAQ POD POD HD Family POD HD500/HD500X POD HD300/400 POD X3 Family POD 2.0 / PODxt Family / Pocket POD / FloorPODs Computer Based Recording POD Farm / POD Studio / TonePort Computer Audio Set Up and Troubleshooting Riffworks Line 6 / Standard Edition Dream Rig Amplifiers AMPLIFi DT50/DT25 Spider IV/Spider Online Spider Valve Spider Jam Vetta Guitars James Tyler Variax Guitars / Workbench HD Variax Guitars / Bass / Workbench Live Sound StageScape M20d Mixer StageSource Speaker Relay/XD-V Digital Wireless Mobile Products Sonic Port / Mobile In Mobile Keys MIDI Mobilizer Effects/Controllers AMPLIFi FX100 M5 / M9 / M13 JM4 Looper FBV MkI / MkII Controllers Stompbox Modelers / ToneCore ToneCore Development Kit Legacy Products Amps POD Effects and Controllers GearBox Line 6 X2 Digital Wireless Japanese Support 日本語サãƒãƒ¼ãƒˆ Dream Rig ドリーム・リグ Amps アンプ Effects エフェクト Mobile モãƒã‚¤ãƒ« Live Sound ライブサウンド Guitars ギター Computer-based Recording コンピューターベース・レコーディング Search Articles Recent Articles AMPLIFi 75 & 150 - Pre... Creating a David Gilmour To... Creating a Andy Summers (th... Creating a Robert Smith (th... Creating a Van Halen Tone o... Creating a Josh Farro (Para... Recent Comments Post Flash Update Instructi... aspiller - May 19 2014 10:12 PM 0Follow AMPLIFi 75 & 150 - Preset List Jul 08 2014 05:46 PM | Line6Don in AMPLIFi line 6 amplifi preset list AMPLIFi Users Manual Full List and Descriptions of AMPLIFi Amps, Cabs, and Effects Your AMPLIFi device has a killer selection of presets to get you started on your journey to great guitar tone. The presets are organized into banks that each deliver to you a unique aspect of the AMPLIFi experience. AMPLIFi Greatest Hits: The first bank of 4 presets is designed to deliver a variety of sounds that will get you by in a pinch if you can't connect to a mobile device or footpedal. Song Based Banks: These banks are tones that match a variety of iconic guitar songs, organized by genre. Acoustic: This bank delivers a variety of sounds when using an acoustic guitar with a built-in piezo pickup system. Model Showcase: The Model Showcase banks are designed to feature particular individual amps and effects. Performance Banks: These banks each deliver a "Ready to Rock" bank tailored to specific genres. Each bank contains a basic rhythm, clean, solo boost and effected sound dialed in to work together as a bank. FX Heavy: This bank shows off some of the more esoteric and wacky capabilities of AMPLIFi. User Bank: While any patch location can be customized and overwritten, this bank offers you a blank canvas to create your own sound, or just to store some of your favorite online tonematches without disturbing the rest of the presets. AMPLIFi Factory Presets AMPLIFi: Greatest Hits 1A: Fidelity Rhythm 1B: Lead the Way 1C: American Clean 1D: Ambient Delays SONG: Classic Rock 1 2A: Heartbreaker 2B: Back in Black 2C: Life in The Fast Lane 2D: Wind Cries Mary SONG: Modern 1 3A: Everlong 3B: Locked Out of Heaven 3C: American Idiot 3D: Moves Like Jagger SONG: Pop Rock 4A: Streets Have No Name 4B: Do I Wanna Know 4C: Day Tripper 4D: Steady As She Goes SONG: Modern Metal 5A: Symphony of Destruction 5B: Woman 5C: Man in the Box 5D: The Pot SONG: Classic Rock 2 6A: Another Brick 6B: Smokin' 6C: Aint Talkin Bout Love 6D: Still Of The Night SONG: Blues 7A: Everyday I Have the Blues 7B: Right Next Door 7C: Slow Trem Blues 7D: Cold Shot SONG: Modern 2 8A: In Bloom 8B: Hysteria Octave Synth 8C: Seven Nation Army 8D: Creep SONG: Classic Metal 9A: Crazy Train 9B: Iron Man 9C: Number of the Beast 9D: Master of Puppets SONG: Clean 10A: Heartbreak Hotel 10B: Bayou Tremolo 10C: Every Breath You Take 10D: Falling Away From Me ACOUSTIC 11A: Acoustic: Rhythm 11B: Acoustic: Rhythm Chorus 11C: Acoustic: Finger Style 11D: Acoustic: Bright MODEL SHOWCASE: Hi Gain 12A: Brit J-800 12B: Tread Dual 12C: ANGEL P-Ball 12D: Line 6 Insane MODEL SHOWCASE: Effected 13A: So What Octave Synth 13B: P-Haze Octave Solo 13C: Spacy Flange 13D: Let's Go Crazy Fuzz MODEL SHOWCASE: Clean 14A: Jazz Clean w Chorus 14B: Blackface Lux 14C: Double Verb 14D: Class A-30 Top Boost MODEL SHOWCASE: Mods 15A: Machine Gun U-Vibe 15B: Layla Rotary 15C: Auto Wah 15D: Breathe In The Air MODEL SHOWCASE: Crunch 16A: Citrus D-30 16B: Super O Breakdown 16C: Bomber Uber 16D: Solo 100 Head PERFORMANCE: Rock 17A: Rock: Rhythm 17B: Rock: Clean 17C: Rock: Crunch 17D: Rock: Solo PERFORMANCE: Metal 18A: Metal: Rhythm 18B: Metal: Clean 18C: Metal: Flange 18D: Metal: Solo PERFORMANCE: Indie 19A: Indie: Rhythm 19B: Indie: Clean 19C: Indie: Lead 19D: Indie: Solo PERFORMANCE: Blues 20A: Blues: Rhythm 20B: Blues: Clean 20C: Blues: Lead 20D: Blues: Rotary PERFORMANCE: Modern 21A: Modern: Class A-30 Clean 21B: Modern: Class A-30 DDL 21C: Modern: Class A-30 Rhythm 21D: Modern: Class A-30 Push PERFORMANCE: Country 22A: Country: Clean Trem 22B: Country: Slap 22C: Country: Lead 22D: Country: Lead Boost PERFORMANCE: Jazz 23A: Jazz: Solid State 23B: Jazz: Full and Clear 23C: Jazz: Set & Match 23D: Jazz: Dirty FX HEAVY 24A: Shoeglaze Lead 24B: The Bees 24C: Seismik Synth 24D: Sample & Hold USER BANK 25A: User 1 25B: User 2 25C: User 3 25D: User 4 0 Comments Knowledge Base → Amplifiers → AMPLIFi → Article: AMPLIFi 75 & 150 - Preset List
  5. I use the edit program because it is easier to see and work with - but I need to spend more time with it i guess. I simply want to male an acoustic patch that by[asses the D6 link , goes xlr out thru the HD 500 to FOH ( and full range speakr/monitor.
  6. I bought the amplifi also for my office - LOVE the GUI for ipad for tone editing- easy and intuitive- the GUI for HD 500 for use with Variax is not - and using the little window on hd 500 is redic. and very difficult line 6 : please make hd 500/ variax /dt25 edting software compatible with ipad and more like the editing software of AMPLIFI - it would be much easier- love the tones but not the learning curve - (I still cant split the signal to get acoustic tones out of the xlr outs and the electric tone out of the line 6 D link !)
  7. There should be a "View Library" link in the Tools section where you can go in and browse whatever is in there. a simple fix Line 6
  8. AGREE ! PLEASE LINE 6 make a master list of tones to audition evaluate - how can that NOT be available ??
  9. SAME thing just happened to mine- Now cant access the MODELED Guitars / cant Custom save - Brans new JTV59 ! Gig Friday w/ Beatles cover project NEED THIS guitar !
  10. I agree - Why Market this as a dream rig and then provide very little support ? Major weakness in this area - line 6 dropped the ball. great tones - harsh learning curve.
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