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  1. Yup pissed off at Line 6. Just bought the Firehawk and now this new 1500 seems to be a Firehawk with a speaker. Much better to buy an amp with good clean tone and let the Firehawk do its magic. Looking at the Roland Stage at the moment. (Lost sale Line 6 ?) What with the Helix episode and now the 1500, I fear I will be moving away from Line 6 in the future. I bought the Amplifi 150 (Not loud enough for most gigs) and then found I needed a short board to access more than four tones. I bought the Mark 1 which worked for a while and then bombed. Would Line 6 please consider the implications of product interaction in future otherwise I'm off to another brand. This lot would seem to be Market Traders in another life?. P.s. I've been a valve man all my life and have a couple of Marshalls however I believe the digital products are now getting mighty close in terms of tone. Advantages for me; weight and continuity, so lost opportunity LIne 6.
  2. Hi I've recently added the Firehawk effects box to my line up. I use it through a Marshall DSL and at home through a Amplfi 150. I set the Marshall to clean which I guess is the best way to optimise the Firehawk effects, However, with the Amplifi 150 essentially I have two sets of similar controls. Any tips on the best way to set these two line 6 devices to work properly.
  3. I like the Firehawk, but if you intend taking it out on the road, watch out for the little button at the back which is not referenced in the manual PA/AMP. If you inadvertently have the PA setting set to on and you connect to an amp, it boosts volume massively. I didn't realise what the issue was until I came off stage, by which time the front row were all completely deaf :)
  4. I bought a FBV shortboard the original one and it worked fine for a while with my 150.Now however, I can only access bank1(Just the 4 tone pre-sets) which defeats the objective of buying the bloody thing in the first place. Any ideas?. Is there a firmware upgrade for the older model? Have they done something to the later version of the Amplifi software. I'm on version 2.11.8. I think the amp is great and I would like to gig with it, but using IPad is too dodgy as the Bluetooth can be unstable. With the right foot controller it is a great solution. I will be really pissed off if I have to buy the Mark2. Line 6 support for older devices is crap. Your advice would be appreciated
  5. Thanks Uber Guru. Answer is pants I don't want to buy the FBV, but I suppose Ill have to. Still love the product though
  6. I've just updated to the latest release version 2 and notice whereas I could only save four tones to the amp I can now save banks of tones to the hardware. How do I access the feckers on the amp? Incidentally I think the product is great, bit of learning curve but now really enjoying, far ahead of anything else on the market. I've even gigged it live (150) and it was loud enough. These guys are getting very close to valve sounds. Cheers Fergy
  7. Two days into my 150 and I like it a lot. I plan to gig it and thus far I would say its more than loud enough. However the documentation is lousy. Its a good job I'm fairly IT literate, otherwise I would be tearing me hair out. Firstly why no app for Ipad 1, a lot of musos (Not being particularly rich) use them. Fortunately I've got an IPhone5 so I'm using the App from there. Its actually a hugely powerful tool, although you would never know ...AS THERE AINT NO INSTRUCTIONS TO SPEAK OF. Sure there is AMPLIFI REMOTE, but its not really about optimising the tool. Some USEFUL INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE Line 6. Secondly I HAVE YET TO FIND A TONE MATCH. My library is quite eclectic, every song I've tried comes up with a BIG BLANK. I've tried well known songs by Stevie Ray, Johnny Winter, George Benson and even in desperation The Beatles....NOTHING...NADA... I would appreciate any tips from you guys, before the boys in the white coats come for me. I don't suppose Line 6 are holding off, so they can sell stuff to us?....nah they wouldn't do that, would they? Cheers Fergy p.s I was planning a review for the product on my site www.liverpoolbeat.com, but I'm holding off until I find a flipping tone
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