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  1. When I used the Iphone 4s connection was hit and miss..........However, with the Ipad it's very satble and quick.
  2. I have the HD 500x and it's a great machine......................I also have the Amplifi FX100....... The Amplifi FX 100 is based on the sound engine of the X3 series. I guess in some respects this seems like a few step backwards in tone processing power..................The advantage the Amplifi FX100 has, is the ease and quickness you are able to dial up great sounds on the Ipad/Iphone software................ I'm able to get the sounds I'm looking for quicker than the HD500x............It took me quite awhile to dial in 4 great basic tones on the HD500X but the Amplifi FX100 was so quick that I was able to dial in many very usable tones in a few days.... The disadvantage would be no Intelligent Pitch Shifter and the fact that you cannot toggle effects on and off on the pedalboard of the AMPLIFi FX100 as the board itself is pretty stripped down in comparison.........Changing from patch to patch is not that seamless as in the HD500X.....You have to stop playing momentarily while changing patches or you'll hear the artifiacts of time based effects trying to catch up....You also have less options for outputs on the back.................However, I do find myself actually "Playing More" and using much less time to dial in sounds on the AMPLIFi FX100...................I do prefer editing and tone matching on the Ipad much more than the computer software based editor on the HD500x....To me it's just more intuitive and quicker...........Your mileage may vary 8-)
  3. So far I'm really enjoying this unit..............the only thing I really miss is an Intelligent Pitch Shifter ! I actually use the AMPLIFi FX 100 more than my HD 500x mainly because it's so quick to edit... The perfect compliment to this unit with the Ipad are the apps Onsong and Anytune Pro +.... Onsong displays all of your lyrics and chords and you can even transpose on the fly. Anytune Pro + imports all of your Itunes songs into a player where you can change the key, loop sections and fine tune songs that aren't quite 440...........Outstanding Apps !
  4. I'd like to see an intelligent pitch shifter added for sure.........
  5. Pick the stomp box icon or modulation icon.........Click on one of them and then click on the word type. Then click on Delay.
  6. I have an Iphone 4 and it was always some sort of a hit and miss thing to get it connected to the FX100. Sometimes it was no problem and other times I had to try different things to get it to sync up. I now have an IPAD 2 and everything syncs up quickly........
  7. Ok.......I pretty much have a basic grasp of tweaking and saving tones as well as sharing etc. My question is how do you save one of your tones as a "Favorite". It seems as though I have saved two of my tones in that section but for the life of me do not know how I did it.... :unsure: Just to clarify, I'm referring to the "Favorite" section of the IOS device and not saving to the pedal of which I know how to do already. Thanks in advance !
  8. Outstanding........Thank You !
  9. My question is this..........If you are in Tibuktu with no cell reception at all will the "My Tones" still show up on the IOS device?
  10. Yes.......I suspect you are correct !
  11. Click Save in the App in the upper left ( Iphone 4 for Me )and it will give you choices as to where to save your tweaks....
  12. Here is an update for me.........I've tried this several times now and it seems to work. I click on the settings at the bottom of the app (IPhone 4). Then I click on device selection underneath the the word Devices. Now here is the rub.....nothing happens.........until about 30 - 45 seconds and then it opens up the next page. The next page opens and you can see the app searching for the pedalboard. In another 5-10 seconds the Ampli FX100 icon appears and I'm connected. So for me the confusing part is clicking on the Device selection and the app seemingly is not reponding as usually when you click on something there is a response. This does not seem to be the case. As long as I patiently wait ...............the next page will pop up and the unit will sync. So far this is working consistently for me ....your mileage may vary 8-)
  13. I'm using an Iphone 4 and sometimes I connect without any problem and other times the app seems to be stuck in sync mode. Sometimes I'm conncected even though the blue light on the pedalboard is still blinking. I will try some of the above fixes as I would like to be able to connect easily all the time.
  14. Can't go wrong with this... Gator GK-2110 Gig Bag on Amazon for $34.99
  15. I just got the HD500x a couple of weeks ago. Here is one of the issues I am having. I've created 4 patches for performance mode. The patches are on F6,F7,F8,F9 F6 and F7 are set for rhythm tones F8 and F9 are Lead tones. If I switch from either of my Rhythm patches to patch F8 (Lead tone 1) Then All is fine. However if I switch from either rhythm patches to F9 (Lead Tone 2) Then Lead Tone 2 has a drop in volume from what is programmed. Now here is part that does not make sense. If I go from F8 (Lead tone 1) to F9 (Lead Tone 2) then F9 comes up as the correct volume with no issues. All 4 patches are programmed for the EXP 1 to control Volume . (I've installed the latest Flash also.) Any ideas?
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