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  1. Hi, I have a pedaltrain Novo24, and the Helix barely fits on it... I also had to cut some foam from the pedaltrain hardcase because indeed the pedaltrain + Helix are too thick. But this didn't really answer your question ;-)
  2. Hi, I made a request to remove (or make smaller) the snapshot camera logo on the displays next to the switches. 1 of the reasons I bought the helix is the small displays next to the switches. Since preset mode is not usable in a live situation, I'm using snapshots as most people here... What annoys me is that in preset mode we have 2 lines of text per display, while in snapshot mode only 1 line and that stupid camera logo is taking up 1/3 of each display. And we do see that we are in snapshot mode as the camera logo is also visible on the helix main display top right corner. This is the link to the Line6 ideascale: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Remove-snapshot-camera-logo-and-give-us-2-lines-of-text-instead/945232-23508#idea-tab-comments I would appreciate some extra votes on this topic. Cheers.
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