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  1. Thanks for your responses. While I do have the hardware Helix LT, I am primarily using Native on my laptop. I am referring to the presets I've made in the Native plug in that include IR's (Ownhammer). I've already decided not to do the migration route as my old laptop was full of junk. Aside from Ableton, a couple of apps and my Helix Native presets, I don't need anything else. If I were to drag and drop the presets to an external SSD, copy them to the new laptop and put them in the right folder and link them through my DAW/Native plug in, would that work? If so my question then would be to ask for tips on where to put them and how to link them on the new device. Thanks, Rashad
  2. Hi Friends, Just got a Macbook Air and got Ableton, Helix Native and a few other apps up and ready to go in relatively short order. The only thing remaining is transferring my tone library from my old laptop to the new one. I can't seem to find a guide on this through the Line 6 Knowledge Base. Can anyone point me in the right direction and/or share a few pointers? I also have a sizable Ownhammer IR collection which are used on many of my tones. Is there a way to transfer both libraries so they stay integrated? Side note: I have the Helix LT which I bought a few years before switching to working mostly through Ableton. I did consider transferring to the LT then from there to my new Mac but figured there must be a faster/more efficient way. Not sure if it's relevant but here's the specs of my old/new devices: Macbook Pro early 2015, Catalina: Has Helix Library + OwnHammer IR's Macbook Air 2021, Big Sur: Ableton and Helix Native are installed/authorized (factory presets only) tl;dr: Looking for info/tips on how to transfer Helix Native Library + OwnHammer IR's to new Mac. Thanks!
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