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  1. Does anyone can send me flash memory 1.00 for mkIII express, or newer update, something? Or I just waste my time and money on the product, any help?
  2. Don't know why my last post didn't shown here. I try new cabel it is the same issue. Calibration works fine, but I still can't switch sounds, doesn't work correctly. Don't know what to do, constantly asking my self why I updated it when all was working as it should.
  3. I bought use mkII express last week(you can see it when I register it) to use it with pod hd desktop. Everything works fine until I update it. Now I can't switch sounds in presets, and only switch D I can switch it on and off. Is there way to reset to previous update version, new update or something else? Don't tell me to buy another one or for go for change, that is not an option.