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  1. When my pedal & iPhone 5s are properly paired and working fine, I get dropouts of song playback. It only seems to happen when I'm changing patches or engaging wah on the FX100. I suspect that the transmission of the patch and status changes from the FX100 to the iPhone interferes with the audio bluetooth signal momentarily. If this is the case, is there a way to keep the bluetooth audio running and keep the FX 100 from passing patch info back to the iPhone at the same time. This makes gigging with the backing tracks pretty difficult.
  2. I'm sure there are many Line 6 devotees, like myself, with a variety of reliable Line 6 gear, that are exploring this new direction and finding the same frustrating lack of planning on Line 6's part. I have two Tyler Variax, an old POD 2.0 with floor pedal, and an POD X3. I predict there will be many more posts along this line until Line 6 finally discovers that there is an actual interest in this new product line and decides to actually provide support.
  3. guru, That is certainly not a helpful suggestion. Line 6 says there is a page with specific information and instructions related to the Mobile POD App. As a Line 6 expert, you should darn well know what happened to it or where it exists. I find your vague referral to a different topic line addressing entirely different issues most unhelpful.
  4. Hey I'd like to add my voice to your disappointment. I've got the Sonic Port and the Mobile POD App for my iPhone. It works just fine, but there is fine tuning I'd like to do and other user patches I'd like to explore, but there exists no detailed instructions or guidance for the Mobile POD App. The Sonic Port pilot's guide says to go to a specific line6 url for ". . .more information on Mobile POD features and usage." The url doesn't exist. There is also no tutorial listed, no information at all on the Mobile POD compatibility with other POD patches or how to access the online tone banks via the Mobile POD App. What the F? I know this doesn't help your question, but at least you aren't alone.
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