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  1. I found a little more information that I thought I'd share. I think it's interesting. :) I removed the battery box and found the date 8-29-10, and the initials TW. I've attached a picture. I'd guess this means it was made on that date and maybe inspected or approved by Tim Wilson? There is a good bit of wear on the guitar. Some of the chrome is worn off the bridge, there is some fret wear, and some very minor buckle rash. Signs of regular use, but not abuse. I think it plays very well and sounds pretty good too! Also, I found a note inside the case signed by "Grape" who I learned is a professional guitar and stage tech. Per his resume he has worked with Ozzy Osbourne and Cirque Du Soliel since the date on the guitar. I reached out to him and he replied that he knew the guitar very well but didn't say how or who had played it. I can only speculate from there. :)
  2. Rich, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I think it's cool that this thing is kind of unique or rare or whatever. It's got a little story behind it and that makes it more fun. :) How many of these do you think we're made? For any other guitar I've owned the answer would probably be 'thousands.' How cool is that? I'm reluctant to share the price on the forum. I will say that your information has made me feel like I made a really good purchase. You've made my weekend! Thank you!
  3. Hello Rich! Thank you for the information. I'm glad to hear from you because I saw your name (and even your picture) pop up several times while searching for information about this guitar. I figured if anyone would know about it you would. I found it at Guitar Center. I have a '69 but kind of wanted an '89 so I searched and found this at GC and I bought it. I had never seen a blue one so I started digging around on the web and started to think this might be a USA model. You've confirmed it! Do you happen to know about when it was made and what changes might have been made to the 89US between the prototype and production models? Different woods, different frets, different process, etc. If you don't know that's fine, just thought I would ask to try and learn more about this thing. Thank you very much for your time and information!
  4. I know this is a really old topic and the quoted post is kind of off-topic, but my '69 does the same thing. I thought it was just mine. Has anyone found a solution for this? I guess I could block the trem or use a tremel-no device...
  5. Thanks for responding. I appreciate the help. Here is the body (for the color and bridge)... ...and the back of the headstock for tuners and no stamp.
  6. Hello. I've found a JTV 89 that "appears" to be a US model but it has no serial number or stamp on the back of the headstock. It's blue, has the open Hipshot tuners and a chrome bridge (not black chrome). Can anybody help me determine if this is a US or Korean model, or perhaps a prototype or beta-tester model. Thanks!
  7. Good point. There is a service center not far from me. I think I'll have them take a look. Thanks guys!
  8. Thanks guys. I might just buy an HD500. I kind of wanted to upgrade anyway. Are these POD units generally safe to use outside in the sun? I've played outdoor shows before with no problem but losing my X3 Live has got me a little concerned. Besides the expense of replacing/repairing the unit, I also had to switch gear in the middle of a show and don't want to go through that again.
  9. Hi, I used my X3 Live outside on Saturday. Probably not smart. Anyway, after about two hours in the sun it went dead. Would not even power up. I tested the power supply and it was bad. I used another power supply (from my XT Live) and the X3 powered up for about two seconds and then went dead. Then I smelled something burning. The second power supply is still okay and still powers the XTLive okay. Is this thing worth repairing? There is a service center near me (Preston Electronics) that I could take it to, but if anyone has experience with this kind of problem and can kind of say this thing is really really dead you'd save me the diagnostic fee which I could put toward another unit. TIA PS - I've got more outdoor shows coming up. Should I be looking for different equipment to use outside?
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