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  1. smaypilot

    Amplify Firmware update Failed Amp lights blinking

    Mine is having the same issue now. Does anyone from Line6 actually have an update on this. Was working fine then all of a sudden after a restart 4 flashing lights. Tried to re-install the update. Went to a past update. Tried the restart with both buttons pressed to no avail. I guess I have a brick now. No wonder I have just stuck with regular tube and solid state amps over the years. This is way to much work just to simply play!!!!
  2. smaypilot

    Jam Tracks on Amplifi30

    I'm having the same problem. Ipad OS 10.0.2 (14A456). Been months now and still no fix?
  3. smaypilot

    Jam Tracks on Amplifi30

    Same here. Please any advise would be appreciated or I guess I'm just going to return the thing.
  4. smaypilot

    Can't download "Play Jam Tracks" in AMPLIFi App

    I'm having the same issue. Unable to download any Jam Tracks.