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  1. Yes, I was logged into my Line 6 account. I've reviewed hundreds of threads, FAQs, videos, etc. in an effort to get this thing working correctly. I've sent the first unit back to Sweetwater, this is a second unit. I've tried using my iPhone 6 instead of my iPad. I've turned off the lights. I've moved the entire setup to a location in the house as shielded from RFI as possible. I suppose it's time to face the fact that this setup is simply not ready for market. Back to Sweetwater it goes.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, that exactly what I did. I long ago gave up trying to update firmware via Bluetooth and now go straight for the Line 6 Updater utility and USB cable. The update was 'successful', and everything appears in order after the update. I have no idea what is supposedly "syncing" at this point.
  3. Today I updated to v2.50.2 firmware and did a fresh install of the latest version of the Amplifi Remote app on my iPad 2. Did all of the reset and calibrate steps, then 'forgot' the FX100 before re-pairing. Still no luck. I've been stuck in a 'Syncing' state until the app crashes and closes by itself, or the Bluetooth connection is dropped. This has been going on for hours. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. There are lots of people having this problem, including me. Seems that Bluetooth issues have plagued the AMPLIFi line for a long time. I'm not holding my breath for a quick fix.
  5. My iPhone 6 stays connected fairly well, but still no luck with my iPad 2. Both are now running iOS 9 with the latest version of AMPLIFi Remote. What kind of device are you using?
  6. I'm having the same experience. I purchased my FX100 in September, and sent the first one back because it wouldn't stay connected to my iPad 2. A replacement was sent, same problem. I then 'upgraded' to iOS 9 and then found out the hard way that the AMPLIFi Remote app didn't work with iOS 9. Fast forward to today, and I have the latest version AMPLIFi Remote, and it still won't stay connected to my iPad. Seems to work fine with my iPhone 6. Do users with later versions of the iPad have similar issues? Or is the "dropped connection" issue limited to iPad 2 users?
  7. I installed the updated AMPLIFi Remote on my iPad which is running iOS 9. The FX100 still won't stay connected to the iPad via Bluetooth. Now I need to decide if I want to continue to control the FX100 exclusively with my iPhone, which seems to work fine, or return the FX100 for a refund. I agree that it is not acceptable that several weeks passed before Line 6 updated their AMPLIFi Remote app. However, I would like to point out that there are no in app purchases available in the AMPLIFi app, so there is no additional revenue generated for Line 6 by the app. In the larger scheme of things, this means that consumers can always expect other business considerations to take priority and resources over the support of 'after the sale' items such as the update of software or firmware. I'm not saying it is right or defending Line 6, I'm just pointing it out.
  8. The FX100 won't stay connected to my iPad via Bluetooth. I returned the unit to Sweetwater and they convinced me to try another one. Arrived yesterday, same problem. Today I updated to iOS 9 hoping that would help, now I can't connect at all. Looks like this one is going back so that I don't get stuck with it while waiting for AMPLIFi to be updated.
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