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  1. We did update the firmware for the HD's, and updated our HD500 Edit program and updated Monkey. But we didn't find a way to update the DT25's firmware. Even when we had them connected and powered up, Monkey didn't detect them (the HD500 was connected and both DT25's were connected to the HD500 via L6 Link) and there doesn't appear to be a way to update them via a direct USB connection. Are we missing something?
  2. Thanks guys, We'll try a couple AES/EBU cables and see if that improves things - but based on what I can tell in the forum, I don't find anyone who has mentioned specifically having to use those, as opposed to high quality mic cables. Yes, we did adjust the topology of Amp B from HD500 Edit and it did respond, but not correctly. Example (talking only B here, Amp A was responding correctly): when we would select topology 1, the amp would respond correctly, 2 would stay on 1, 3 would go to 4 and 4 would go to 4. The amps being modeled on Amp A and Amp B were the same, so something is amiss. We did download and read through the L6 Connectivity Guide V2.1o RevA - and that's what prompted us to ask about why we needed to use the PRE model as opposed to the full amp model. The L6 Connectivity Guide told us to use the PRE, but didn't say why.
  3. Hey there everyone, Just acquired a DT25 (actually a pair of them) to complete our dream rig and are attempting to implement the DT25's. The DT's will replace a pair of venerable old (and thoroughly road-tested) Tech 21 PE60's. They will be used for stage volume and our plan is to tap the XLR direct out on the DT25's to go to the FOH console, just like we've been doing via the PE60's. We are hoping for a stage volume output that IS the same as we send to the FOH - in the PE60's, it's "pretty" close, but it's not the same. Our gear and our plan: We have 2 JTV59's (a Korean and a USA), two POD HD's (an HD500 and a HD Pro) and now the two DT25's. Our plan is to facilitate either a single dream rig with stereo-DT25's, or two separate one-amp-DT25 dream rigs - depending on the performance requirements. We're just getting started on the full Dream Rig setup (although we've been using the JTV's and the POD HD's for a while with the PE60's) - so, apologies in advance for what will probably seem like easy questions for you experienced Dream Rig guys. Situation: In following the manual for connecting the HD500 to the DT25 via L6 Link, we noticed that the suggested amp model is the PRE version, rather than the full version. Question1: What is the difference in the PRE amp model and the full amp - we have never used the PRE models for anything.... But we've never had the DT25's until now. Question 2: We will need to tap the direct-out of the DT25 and route it to the FOH console - same as we've doing on the PE60's. If we use a PRE model as the manual suggests, will the signal tapped from the back of the amp (XLR direct out) be fully-baked with the amp model, effects, etc. - or is it something more akin to a dry signal? We do need the fully-baked signal. Question 3: We didn't have access to AES/EBU cables last night when we connected the DT25's to the HD500 and used Prolink Mic cables instead. Amp A seemed to be getting all the right settings, but Amp B wasn't responding to topology changes sent via the HD500. We reversed the amp order and also tried different cables to make sure it wasn't a bad cable, or something wrong with the amp - but the result was the same. Question: Is this the type of glitch that causes Line 6 to recommend AEX/EBU cables rather than standard (albeit high quality) mic cables? Thanks in advance for helping us out here. Bradley
  4. Thank everyone for the responses/thoughts here. Much appreciated. GT
  5. We're looking at adding a couple DT-25's to our stage rig and are curious if it's possible to get good acoustic voicing through the DT-25's? Or, is the DT-25 pretty much just an electric guitar amp? We use JTV-59's and do acoustic and electric guitar voicing in the same set (currently run direct to FOH). Thanks in advance. GT
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