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  1. My topic about bass stuff on Helix :)
  2. I’ve done an ideascale for bass players : Please up vote and tell me if you want something to join the list.
  3. Hi, I'm a bass player and I've been a occasionally Line 6 user with my old Bass Pod Xt and a (very good) Relay G30. I've been very disappointed by the Pod HD X and the very tiny number of bass amps and effects. And same disappointment for the Firehawk. I was thinking about buying a KPA when I've seen the new Helix. But, one more time, I'm a bit disappointed by the amps list that I've seen in this topic. Obviously, B15, SVT and GK RB800 are incredible legendary amps but what about more "exotic" stuff ? Like Sunn or Aguilar amps ? More and more bass players have a complete pedalboard with drives (B3K Powa !), fuzz or strange effects like bass synths & modulations and we want an efficient lightweight solution too ! (A Marshall JC800 and a 4*12 cab are really easy to transport if you compare with a SVT and the 8*10 cab ! :p) IMO, An Axe Fx is really to expensive for bass players regarding the bass simulations that are inside. And KPA is not suitable in terms of bass effects availables. So please this time, don't underestimate bass players, there is a market to take (that is currently taken by Zoom B3...) :) (Sorry for grammar mistakes, I'm not a english native speaker)
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