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  1. I Realty need help on this i need My pod working 100%
  2. Ive read that to fix that issue you need to access global settings and put the hz parameter to 1mg or 3.5 mg that will even out the stomp box ratings or something Then put the effects block after the mixer and increase the mixers gain by 6db on each Chanel and pan both Chanel's to the center. Also remember to have the pod as connected to stack power amp. Then you have switches on top and the back of the pod have them to line both I think!
  3. So after several years I finally bought a new amp with an effects loop so I was exited to conect my pod 4 cable method and man the sound was amazing but it only lasted 20 or so days las Sunday at worship service the amp started having volume fluctuations and finally a volume drop I thought it was the amp after testing the amps effects loop with a delay pedal through the amps effects loop I was able to rule out the amp being broken so that leaves me with the pod, I tested again today and still not working My oxides effects loop broke. So my question has anyone encountered this issue before? Is it expensive to get it repaired? Is it worth it to repair my pod? Or should I put that money towards a new one? What's the nearest service center in the southwestern part of the US? I'm close to Phoenix AZ or San Diego CA
  4. But i WADS talking about the focus parameter at the global settings, when you chose either the combo, stack or studio direc setup. When Un combo or stack I get the lows, the highs but also a focus Parametter witch I don't know how to use it, or what it's for.
  5. What about the focus does that do? How to set it up with my amp?
  6. Yes plug to the guitar in on my pod from mono 1/4 jack to the front of the amp I'm using the half stack setting I believe and I play at giving volumes at church
  7. Hi I'm having nightmares with my podhd500 and my jet city 333 jca20 half stack I just can get it to sound right to muddi, or to shrill I don't understand the global eq settings, The focus how to use it? So I understand that the highs and lows are just to cut unwanted highs or lows Today I tried to use the pod as stomp box just the effects but the pod colored the sound dark and muddi And volume level not at unity with the Amps volume. I'm looking for the pod to get at unity volume with my amp and clear tone as the amp how can I do that? I'm stressing The amp is a single Chanel class a tube amp, it gets decent cleans but I like the amps tone so I would like just to use the pod as a stomp box unit Please help.
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