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  1. I am using Windows 8, but I have the 32bit-version of Cubase 6 installed (it's in the Program Files (x86) folder). I have the good old redfaced TonePort GX, but I think it's the same hardware as the POD Studio - I've read you just get different programs with it (as you say). I think I'll give it a shot, $99 for the Pod Farm 2.5 is really not expensive (and maybe there's even a money back guarantee). I have another question ... this is rather for Cubase, so not sure if you can help me. In order to avoid latency issues I have to choose the ASIO TonePort GX as ASIO Driver in Cubase, right (see attached picture)? Can I have an influence on the input and output latency mentioned in the picture? I have an Intel Core i7-4500U and 8GB RAM ... they should be able to handle that?
  2. @ TheRealZap I have downloaded the free trial of Pod Farm 2.5 and it works neatly with the Toneport. I can't use it as an insert effect, but I guess this is a license issue. Can you please confirm? @ BigChas52 Do I understand correctly that I have to use Pod Farm / Gearbox as a plugin in order to use the 1&2 / 3&4 option?
  3. Hi TheRealZap Thanks a lot for your quick answer. But can I use Pod Farm with the Tone Port GX? Basically what I want to do is monitor the distorted guitar while recording the dry signal in Cubase. I have tried the PRE option in the 3/4 Send (see attached image) while running the standalone version, but for some reason it still records the wet signal. Can you help?
  4. Hi guys! These are very old products and this question might have been answered before (but haven't found an answer): Can I use GearBox as an insert effect in Cubase 6 with a TonePort GX or does the ASIO driver not support it? Cubase offers me the option (see attached), but when I chose it - it freezes. Thanks a lot in advance!
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