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  1. There are a few other pedals before the Timeline that are needed, so the HD500 fx loop must be on. The only solution I can think of is that the HD500 would send some sort of MIDI command to the Timeline in conjunction with the program change message from the HD500 to the Timeline (for preset change).
  2. I use the HD500 as the backbone of my rig, and have some pedals in the HD500's fx loop. The HD500 also sends out MIDI program change messages to a Strymon Timeline, so the Timeline's preset changes to the currently loaded HD500 preset. My question is as follows. When I select a preset on the HD500, can I also program the HD500 to send out some form of MIDI message that changes the preset on the Timeline just as it does now, but that it ALSO puts the Timeline preset in 'off' state, ie. Timeline's preset loaded but not engaged. If it can be done, how? It doesn't matter how I save the preset on the Timeline itself, I already tried that - no matter if I save it in off or on state, it always turns on when the preset loads via the MIDI program change message from the HD500.
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