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  1. I’ve tried every possibility’s, every way to connect it to my mesa, try all the settings in patches I could find. It still doesn’t have power and the sound is very high pitch. I’ve bought a Boss gx 700 and Boom! I now need earplugs! I saw on the web that people are using the pod with power amps…I don’t understand how they do it. For Sell!
  2. Its on amp....It sounded better...I tryed both
  3. should I use fx send or line out?...as to be in stereo
  4. I'm using the 1/4 in stereo (two jacks)
  5. I just got myself a mesa boogie 50/50, I'm trying to get my pod x3 live set up with it but i don't get volume! When I try to set it up, i have to put everything to max level and it becomes incontrolable and it still not as lound as it should be! The other guitar player in my band as the same power amp but he uses a old Boss gx 700 and he gets twice the power and so mutch more bottom. I'm so close to selling my pod, I loved it when I played with a solide states amp, but does it have the muscle to drive a power amp? Please help me out. I already tried a lots of thing....nothing gives me power! Seb.
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