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  1. Thanks psarkissian. According to your advise I will order matched EH tubes just to be safe. Couldn't find them on my local shops so need to find online. Any advise where to order on Europe? I live in Finland. I don't believe my amp is under warranty any more and replacing tubes is easy enough to do my self so don't see any reason to take it to service center. Just wondering has anyone measured bias after installing new matched tubes? How close are they? As I mentioned above my non matched new tubes are now 24,8 and 25,3. They work creat now but will replace them when I find matced set.
  2. Thankyou very much jegler for the instruction video. By following it tube replacement for DT25 head was really easy. I replaced all tubes to new EH tubes and the sound improvement was huge. I bought my amp used. After few weeks I noticed some problems with the sound. Voicing 2 played like guitar was out of tune. Voicing 4 had a lot of low end eaven when bass knob was all the way down. So I figured it is time for tube replacement and it was. Old tube bias were 21 and 32. New tubes are now 24,8 and 25,3. The quitar shop didn't sell these as matched pair but they told me that they choose me a good pair. I hope they are close enough. At least the sound is now great :)
  3. How to set HD500 so that it is acting like bypass? My friend has an amp that hasn't got FX loop and we tried HD500 at front of the amp just for using some effects like tube drive, delay and so on. Like normal pedals. We started with empty batch but the tone was already at this point totally different than direct from guitar to amp. I tried Input/output settings and 1/4" out line/amp and all that I could think of. Seems like there is no way to bypass the HD500 so has anybody found what settings are "close enough" to HD500 act like bypass pedal?
  4. I just found perfect tone for my fender deluxe start. (I play through my headphones). Nice "clean" sound with little compression and works with all mic positions. The neck pick especially is just like stevie ray vaughan and number two position (bridge and middle mic) is really funky...anyways all positions are great. Just like what start should sound with little compression or overdrive. Then I changed the guitar to my fender american standard tele and the sound was really crap. Not sure but like the tele had hotter mics and the sound was really messy. I changed back to my strat and the sound was beautiful and clean again. I will test it with other guitars tomorrow and try to figure why the sound is so different. Could it be the strings?? Strat has now 009-042 elixir polyweb and tele has elixir 010-046 nanoweb strings.
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