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  1. Did you get rid of it?? What did you replace it with and why? It seems like a great system.
  2. Im not asking about its quailty. Thing is built like a tank. It seems simpler than the POD HD. I like the idea of rack mounting it and not having aton of cables on the floor running back to my amp. Just looking for input on how it works.. Plus's and Minus's on the unit.
  3. Has anyone had the chance to use the G-system.. How does it compare to the Pod HD 500. I use my pod with my Blackstar Series One. I use it for effects only. I use the amp for my sound. Just have the itch to buy it but it seems to me like it may be old technology.
  4. Switch gizmo... use it on my mesa.. works great.
  5. jkasper

    Help with MIdi

    I purchased a Switch gizmo to change channels on my Mark V 25. Is anyone familar with this? I had it working and the other night all my setting got messed up. I don't know how it use to be set. It was real simple, I could be on bank 1a and choose any number of patterns on the switch gizmo and hit write on the switch gizmo and that would be it. go to 1B and set anouther set of patterns and hit write and so on and so on. That was it.. Now I have nothing.. Any idea what got changed??
  6. jkasper

    mesa mark v 25

    How would you change channels via midi with this amp. It comes with a 1/4 jack and a 2 button switch for channel 1 and 2 plus eq on off.
  7. Hey, found it!!! down loaded. now it will be anouther 3 months of playing around. Is there any kind of user guide for this??
  8. Ok, I get it. I could change the 4 amp to any 4 of the 30 in the update. That makes sence. I didn't see a windows version on how to to do this.. I did the update. I have the m audio connection from my vetta days. Is this done thru pod hd500 edit?? Or is there a different way to do it.
  9. thats all I was trying to out..
  10. right so you would be able to change to one of the 30 amps if you use a apple product.. without that this is useless.. Thats the main question.. There is no way in a live situation to change the amps.
  11. midi interface with what?? I have a pod hd500.. what else is now needed??
  12. I dont own a mac or ipad or iphone.. Again from what I see without a apple based computer or tablet this upgrade does nothing for me.. Right??
  13. so no apple or mac this version does nothing for me??
  14. Ok, so from what I can see the v2.0 update gave me 30 amps on my dt50 which I can only control if I own and ipad or iphone?? so what if I don't own an I phone or Ipad??
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