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  1. Thanks that's good to know! I am using a Blackstar HT60 that doesn't have midi but there is a midi conversion device available which is why I am asking the question before I buy it. I love the effects on the Pod but I really need to be able to change multiple effects and channels with a single button and was hoping to avoid going the midi switcher with multi stompbox route. So what do I need to do once I have the midi device?
  2. OK I have close to zero experience using midi and have some questions that I am hoping the great folks in the forum can answer. I use my Pod HD 500 in the 4CM for effect processing only. I would like to use the midi capability to change my amps channels and turn on or off multiple effects using a single button on the Pod. Is this possible to do using the HD500? If so, are there tutorials or other sources to learn how to do this? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  3. I'm using combo power amp for the output but you can use whatever output sounds best to your ears. I use 1/4" out with the switch set to AMP and the effects loop switch set to stomp. I set the effects loops return to +6 and the send is at zero. I only use the HD500 for effects and I use the Blackstar's OD channels for distortion. I don't use any of the distortions or overdrives from the POD but I do use an MXR 10 band EQ in front of the POD as a unity gain boost to really push the Blackstar's preamp when I want a cutting lead tone. I have the POD's volume and wah effect in front of the effects loop and my delays, chorus, flange and pitch shifting effects are after the effects loop.
  4. I am using a Blackstar HT60 with and HD500 in 4CM so I know what you mean about losing the punch. Making sure that no amp is selected (not simply turned off), placing the effects loop after the mixer, boosting the mixer channels by at least 3dB and setting the Guitar IN-Z to 1M or 3.5M is crucial to getting rid of the tone suck from the HD in 4CM without having to use the HD's EQ's to even out the tone which takes up valuable FX slots.
  5. True bypass to eliminate tone suck, a dedicated effects loop that doesn't use an FX block, Five patches per bank with a fifth on-off switch, a dedicated on-off switch for all eight FX blocks and a second expression pedal.
  6. Any new HD500 version that doesn't address the tone suck, have a dedicated movable FX Loop, 4 additional effects blocks, a second expression pedal and an extra effects & patch toggle is an epic failure in my book. The next model needs to innovate and not merely address shortcomings if its predecessor.
  7. I don't know of a way to calibrate the tuner but to have only one string tune wrong doesn't seem right. You could just compensate for it by tuning using a known "good" tuner and then see what that corresponds to on the HD. One thing to keep in mind is that the G string on a guitar should be tuned 15 cents flat to compensate for tension differentials and other wonkiness that is inherent in every guitars design.
  8. I can tell you from experience that tone is mostly from a persons touch and approach more than just about anything else. Most people confuse sonic quality from guitars amps and effects with tone. It is not tone. Being an old guy I've been around a lot of players who've spend thousands of dollars trying to sound like someone else and in they end they always sound like themselves. In 1978 I was lucky enough to score all access passes to a concert with Van Halen and Ted Nugent on the bill. During Van Halens sound check Ted played Eddies rig and sounded like Ted with a lot of reverb and flange. Eddie was back stage on Teds Birdland using Teds Fender twin playing Just What The Doctor Ordered and Snakeskin Cowboys and it still sounded like Eddie. That experience stuck with me. Yeah, it was f'ing cool to be there that day.....
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