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  1. Thanks Guru Both chains work perfect. Turned uvolumes on both amps up high, set volumes using FX then all I need to do is turn up the master volume on HD500 to bring both amps up at the same time. Also, great tip about not adding FX after the Mixer, better to keep all FX's in both chains which are split wet/dry. Cheers L6'rs
  2. Hi All I've set up dual chains: Chain 1 - distortion, tube screamer Chain 2 - reverb, delay, chorus How do I set up the HD500 to send each chain to 2 x physical amps? So that chain 1 sends to physical amp 1 and chain 2 sends to physical amp 2. Cabling - amp1 is connected to Unbalanced Output L/Mono and amp 2 is connected R/Mono Recommendations are most welcome. Cheers Dreese
  3. Just bought a JEM77V FP2 whoo haa

  4. Great work, thanks for sharing bro...
  5. Hey guys, I smacked on a fresh set of strings, had the intonation set & no longer have an issue with the G String. All 3 x tuners are reading approximately the same thing which is acceptable from what I've read in these forums. Moral of my story is "don't sit on a set of strings for 6 months waiting for one to break, before changing them over" Thanks to all who replied to this post, it was from your answers I was able to make the world a better place. Rock On.....
  6. Thanks Aeoli, but in the post I mention that I've compared the HD500 tuner with 2 known "good" tuners being: - Arion Hu-30 - TC Polytune Tuner The only tuner not tuning is the HD500 with regards to the 'G' string only. And without solely relying on the tuners, when I use harmonics to re-check the tune of the HD500, I'm always out on the 'G' string. With the other 2 known good tuners all strings are in tune, these are also re-checked with harmonics. I am running a Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah "before" the HD500, would this affect the signal from my guitar before it reaches the HD500, thus altering the non-tuning result? The Wah pedal is in the off position when tuning. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hi fellow Line 6'ers, I compared the accuracy of the HD500 tuner against a cheaper tuner (Arion Hu-30) & found the 'G' string on the HD500 isn't tuning correctly. So inquisitively I borrowed my mates TC Polytune Tuner (supposedly a kickass tuner) & the results are the same being the 'G' string on the HD500 isn't in tune. The rest of the strings between all 3 tuners are the same. The initial reason I compared accuracies is because I always felt (heard) that my guitar wasn't in tune. Another confirmation is when I play harmonics to tune between the 'D' & 'G', this also shows inaccurate tuning with HD500 but not the other 2 tuners. The HD500 tuner is set to 440Hz, Mute mode. Any ideas on how to recalibrate HD500 tuner? Is there a software fix? Anyone else experienced this? Cheers
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