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    Helix FAQ

    Hi, I've got a quick question about MIDI implementation as I plan on doing exactly this (if it will work as I hope)... When in "Looper Mode," if I have MIDI commands programmed into the switches that control playback/overdub/etc, will those commands be defeated, or will they still be sent, meaning that my external gear is still going to switch presets or turn on/off even though all I'm trying to do is layer a loop? Further, if those messages CAN be disabled for looper use, could those switches also be redefined while in looper mode? Just to give an example, let's say I have an outboard piece that will hard pan with a given command, and I want it to do so every time I overdub something, can I program the "overdub" button to send [PC or CC message #], but outside of looper mode have that switch go back to sending whatever other MIDI command I have it set for? ...or simply, can looper mode buttons send different messages (or no message at all) than the other two switching modes? Thanks!
  2. I'd like to drop a "Little Thunder" neck pickup into one of my guitars. It requires a stereo signal to hear both the standard and sub-octave output. Does line 6 make a stereo cable for the G55 transmitter, and if so, where can I find one?
  3. They are more pronounced the later they are in your chain. i.e., a hi/lo pass before your amp acts a lot like a tubescreamer's tone knob, but at the very end, it's more of a hi-fi effect. fwiw, I've found the pre w/ hi/lo pass before an amp model + tweeks to the mic/cab choice & cab response keeps me from having to use 3 EQ's throughout *most* of my tones. meambobbo, thanks for the link, that's awesome!
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