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  1. Glad you don't mind me intruding on your post. I've gotten some good info from both of you guys. Thanks so much.
  2. I will be keeping my eye on this post. I, too am frustrated that there are really no useable presets on my new HD500X. I remember when I got my Vetta II back in the day, there were a lot of factory presets that were ridiculous and completely unuseable but there were at least a few that I loved and only required a bit of tweaking. I can't find anything like that on the HD500X. I am running this thing through my StageSourceL3ts and cannot get a good sound. Admittedly, I haven't spent much time yet but is it too much to ask to have a couple presets that sound good out of the box? I hope there are more replies to this post that can help me and maddog24 out.
  3. No, I won't be buying any iSores, iApples or iOverpricedBS in this lifetime. The problem is my existing rig is a Vetta which has served me well but I just wore it out. Thanks for the response and good luck.
  4. I'm thinking of running my HD500X through the Amplifi. Any reason that wouldn't work? Then I can just wait for the Android app.
  5. I want one but I will not buy an Apple device. Will I be able to use it without one?
  6. If there never was an advanced guide for the JTV, why did the pilot's handbook say you could get it online?
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