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  1. I can say that using the m-audio uno was as simple as it gets. Using an iMac, plugged in the usb uno, hooked midi side to the Dt25, (it even tells you which cable goes to what on the cable itself), launch Monkey, pick your Dt25 amp, then choose update selection.worked first time no issues. I would definitely recommend the uno!
  2. I started out with a Spider iv HD 150 head and custom Peavey slant cab 4x12 that has dual inputs for the head. I added a Dt25 about a week ago. Wow! Huge improvement! If I were you I would seriously look at the Dt25. It offers me so much more than I can even use right now. I also have a Pod HD Pro and FBV MKii controller. I am very satisfied with the sound, cab models and ability to change just about everything. I mainly use it in my home studio for jazz, blues, zen music recording. Did I mention my JTV69 is my favorite guitar with this new amp? I would go for the Dt25!
  3. Hello all, I live in an area that has numerous spikes and surges, even outages on a regular basis. Should I run my Dt25 power plug into a battery backup UPS unit to make sure it has conditioned power and will not be hit as hard when the power goes out during play? Does anyone else do this?
  4. Well keep using your gift. We need more of it in the world today.
  5. Well, to tell the truth, the more time I spend reading these forums the more I learn about things that I thought might be written in a more advanced manual, like, how you need to unplug the 1/4" cable and put the volume knob to zero when you put the 69 to sleep at night so it doesn't drain the battery. Stuff like that.
  6. Thanks, but I was looking for the advanced manual for the JTV-69 not workbench.
  7. Did some more searching and found this old thread from 2011: http://line6.com/support/thread/70817 Apparently there has never been an advanced manual. I guess that's why we have this excellent forum and all the knowledgeable people who help us newbies find our answers!!! :) :D :rolleyes:
  8. Thanks. I saw that but I'm looking for the "Advanced Guide" for the JTV-69. I have the Pilot manual in print and the pdf from: http://line6.com/support/manuals/jtv69. in and on the pilot guide it says "for the advanced guide see: www.line6.com/manuals, but it is not located there. I was just wondering if anyone knew if there even is an advanced manual for the guitar. Also off topic, your tube vids look great and you are definitely a great player. I read some of your other posts and once a long long time ago lived in upstate NY as well. Outside Johnson City.
  9. Hello all. I'm new to the forums. I have several guitars and a Spider iv hd150. I just finished saving up the money for "the dream rig". After reading about this combination for months I decided to take the plunge. I started looking for a guitar to demo. Because one of my favorites is my Am Strat I decided on the 69. I bought a JTV-69, Pod HD pro, FBV MKll, DT25. I have the JTV-69 as of yesterday and have trouble putting it down. It is awesome, even just playing the through the hd150. All I had to do with the setup was lower the strings about .036 of an inch. Everything else was spot on. Even the battery was charged. The strings line up straight on the neck and the frets are great, the strings do not fall of the fret and the knobs are tight so far. I happen to walk into GC just after they stocked for the big Memorial Day sale and found they put two in stock. Got it at 15% off regular price. I'm waiting for the other gear to arrive. I have searched the forum for information on the "Advanced Guide" for my JTV-69. I cannot find anything. I went to the manual section at line6.com and it does not appear there. Is there an advanced guide for the JTV-69? Where can I find it?
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