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  1. Still struggling to update using the uno, what power state did you have the amp in for update?
  2. Im in the same boat, failed with generic usb-midi so after much hair pulling purchased m-audio midisport uno (as recommended). No difference here. Support ticket was replied to saying try with midi connections in other sockets etc and alternate usb sockets, done that no change. One thing I noticed though was that when the amp was powered off and I plugged the "to midi in" on the uno, to the midi out on the DT25 (as suggested by support) the DT25 main red led illuminates. This does not light up with any other cable in any socket. I would like to know if the led should be lit with the amp power off and what power state the amp should be in when attempting the firmware update, i.e. off, standby, fully on? Anyone got any ideas? Will ask on my support ticket see what the reply is.
  3. Cheers, I will take a look at the usb - midi and their keyboard controller range. Still not sure if I can flash the DT25 via a keyboard controller.
  4. Hi folks, I have recently purchased an HD500 and DT25. I have flashed the HD500 no problem but I am getting the common errors with the DT25 when attempting to flash using usb-midi cable. I have tried all the suggested tricks but it does look like I need to buy a decent midi controller. I was already on the lookout for a simple midi keyboard controller to enable me to record some basic synth / percussion etc on cubase. I am looking at a :- Behringer UMX250 U-Control 25 Key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard with USB/Audio Interface Anyone know if this will enable me to flash the DT25 or is it the wrong sort of device for that? Cheers in advance, Steve (PS any tips on a better small midi keyboard controller around the £100 mark will be gratefully received)
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