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  1. Ah, well, I always look forward to new firmware! I imagine it's an event anyone with a firmware-updatable device froths at the mouth for :D Thanks, fr0sty, for the link!
  2. That's a good point, of course they'd have to work some magic with the code. Maybe a separate plugin altogether?
  3. Hi there. OK, so I just bought Native, having owned a Helix Floor for nearly 2 years. Now, I accept that I walked right into this one without knowing (or trying the trial). The reason I bought it was that I thought the DSP limit would be gone. But it's not, because Line 6 wants patches to be interchangeable between hardware and software, and that's a good reason. So my question is whether or not there are plans to include an option to turn it off, or be able to mark a patch as "Native Only" and have the limit lifted on a per-patch basis. Maybe even have the option to have as many paths and sub-paths as a user could handle.
  4. Hi there. I'm having an issue with input routing, specifically the spdif. I have my computer sound going through hdmi to my TV, then out from there to my helix, and out to my monitors via xlr. With my amp off, there's no issue. However, when I turn it on, my monitors are still going, but now I'm hearing everything coming out of my cab, as well. I've been doing this almost since I bought the Helix with a dedicated pass-through path and it's worked fine. Has there been some change in the 2.20 firmware that changes how this works?
  5. As I said, it's something that I'm going to get laughed at for. Proceed, I deserve it lol
  6. Hi, guys. I've updated to 2.20 and I'm missing the new models. Having said that, the Variax passthrough things works great! But I've always loved New Model Day on my L6 products and want my new models :D I've been through all the prescribed instructions twice with exactly the same results. EDIT: Or I missed something that I'm going to get laughed at for. Either way, I want my new models.
  7. No, I'm not looking to mix preamps and power amps or anything crazy like that. I'm not even looking to have more than one amp in the same preset. It's a convenience thing so I don't have to switch cables around all the time, just hit a button or two
  8. So, I've got three amps with fx loops and two without. My goal is to be able to switch between them all as needed. I'm pretty sure it can't be done with just the Helix itself. So, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for external hardware, some kind of switching station or something. Thanks!
  9. February will be done in a few hours. Has there been a change to when 2.2 will be released? EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw that it'll be released in March
  10. Hi. I have a real pedal in the FX loop of my Helix and was trying to come up with a way to have two parallel amp models send into an FX loop, through the real pedal, and back out to parallel cab models. I think I've come up with a way to do it and I want to see what you guys think, I may have over-thought it, or maybe I'm just wrong. 2-1-2.zip As far as the amp tones, I basically just threw some amps and cabs together, then more gain'd them. Enjoy!
  11. Every time I try to update the firmware from the file, it says an error has occurred, please try again. Whenever I select the 2.01 from Updater, it goes through as if everything were fine, right up to where it says "Your Helix will restart now and begin rebuilding the presets." It even gives the instructions on what to do when that's done. But, I look at the Helix, and it's not doing a thing. I even waited once thinking that I might not necessarily see anything while it's rebuilding, to no effect. I then restarted and held down the switches to do the global reset like it says, to no effect. I've actually tried this a few times off and on. When I log into Updater, and it says to select a device, the Helix is listed showing firmware 2.01. I've tried other USB ports, and I don't have another x86 PC in the house.
  12. Ok, no joy with the flash file, either. I went with Updater first time around.
  13. Ok, how do I distinguish between the two? In Updater, there isn't an option to choose between rack and floor. On the software page, it says Helix Editor works with both floor and rack.
  14. Hi, there! So, I got my brand new shiny Helix in the mail just a couple of hours ago. I opened it up, plugged in all the cables and such, and flipped it on. It loaded up to whatever default patch was selected, no fuss, no muss. Then, I downloaded the application and Updater. After I did the thing on Updater, the screen on the Helix said something about failed and reboot, try again. So! I turned it off, turned it back on, and got THIS: https://youtu.be/2rXPCJZM_CQ This is all that happens when I turn it on, now. Trying to update again results in nothing. I have no idea what's going on. EDIT: This is a floor model, not rack.
  15. OK, so I bought an EX-1 to go with my HD500, but I am having, as stated in the title, a weird problem with it. In Edit, which I use for 99% of my manipulation of the HD500, I can see the needle on the effect moving as I move the pedal, but on the LCD on the HD500, the it doesn't appear to be doing anything. I can adjust the position manually with the knob, and the sound changes as expected, but for some reason the external pedal doesn't work. The built-in one works fine.
  16. Yup. This is exactly what I was thinking of.
  17. OK, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question already, but can I plug an amp head into my HD500? I don't mean like 4CM or having the HD500 completely in FRONT of the amp. I have a couple of studio monitors that I use for my HD500 output. I mean more like amp (head or otherwise) -> HD500 -> studio monitors. Basically using the HD500 as an interface between the amp and monitors. If this can be done by the 4CM, I don't know how. Thanks!
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