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  1. Hi Guys, Need some help again. I have a POD X3 Live and a Line 6 Spider 15 Watt. I somehow love my Spider 15 Watt better. I am trying to record a bit these days and while I would love to use my Line 6 Spider 15 watt and mic it up. I just want to avoid the effort involved for this. Hence, I am trying to replicate the Spider 15 watt tone on my POD X3 Live. A. Does anyone know what AMP on POD X3 Live correlates to the Line 6 Spider 15 watt Channel C [METAL] ? B. Does anyone know what DELAY pedal on POD X3 Live correlates to the Line 6 Spider 15 watt Tape Echo DELAY? Thanks!
  2. Sorrym my issue is that I can't hear what's on my computer i.e. Drum Tracks, Vocal Tracjs etc while using POD X3.
  3. OK, I am sorry if I come of as a total noob. There are some things that I really do not have a clue about and I am trying my best to learn. Alright, so I am using REASON ESSENTIALS 2 as my DAW. I managed a create a really nice DRUM TRACK and have the audio file for it. Now, here is the issue. I am recording BASS and GUITARS using my POD X3 Live. On Reason Essentials, I have selected POD X3 Live as ASIO and I am able to record things fine and I can hear the bass via the X3 Llive out ----> power amp ----> Speakers PROBLEM: I can't record my bass and guitar tracks while listening/playing along to the DRUM tracks recorded on my computer using reason. Is there a goddamn way to use POD X3 live as ASIO and yet record while playing along with your drum tracks? Any help for a noob like me will totally be appreciated!
  4. Hi Guys, I really need some help. Basically, I am looking to use the POD farm via the POD X3 Live. i.e. 1. I am currently using the following but cannot figure out how to monitor real time using the tones from Pod farmi.e. Guitar Input >>>> POD X3 Live >>>>> USB Cable to Compute >>>> POd Farm >>> ??? So I want to use the a setup by bypassing the tones from POD X3 Live and using it only as an audio interface. I want to be able to use MONITORING from Pod Farm and use the tone from POD Farm to record. Basically, in real time and not in post processing....I am looking for the following setup: Guitar Input > POD X3 Live only as audio interface > USB Cable to Computer >Pod Farm > Real time play and recording with Pod Farm. And, monitoring with tones from Pod Farm. Can I use POD X3 with Pod farm in real time play? or can it only be used in post processing i.e. recording the dry signal and then using the plugin. I want to be able to create the tone on Pod farm by playing it in realtime. Please let me know.
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