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  1. Try taking a 1/4 out from the pod and setting it to output line level and feed this into the effect return of your dt25 (the master volume on your POD should now control the overall volume (effectively bypassing the pre-amp section of the DT25). If the volume seems ok then its sounds like the pre-amp part of the DT25 is faulty and the power amp and the valves are ok. Try plugging the guitar directly into the effect return of the DT25, turning the volume knob on the guitar down first, and slowly turning it up just to verify that the power amp is working ok. I had this problem and despite being returned to Line 6 service twice for repair, it was never resolved until they gave me a replacement and it's been trouble-free ever since.
  2. When you say very quiet do you mean a slight variation in volume or a drastic drop? things to try: Is the volume ok if you just plug the guitar straight into the DT25 as a standalone amp? Have you tried taking a cable from the 1/4 outs of the hd500 and feeding it into the effects return of the DT25 or even plugging the guitar directly into the effects return to ensure the power amp is fine. Bear in mind the master volume control on the amp is now bypassed and you'll have to turn the volume down on the pod or guitar before testing.
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