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  1. I agree, I get the same impression. Since Helix was released it seems that there are no further updates for a product that is less than 2 years old. It is sad, because the potential for this tool is great with just a few tweaks (windows tool for maintaining saved or downloaded pre-sets). Bluetooth is pretty slow, so having a way to connect to a device would be great. Thanks,
  2. Is line 6 ever going to enhance the Firehawk FX, there has been no new update on the firmware or a newer version of the firehawk remote control software(and no windows version either). This was a significant expense to my budget, and I feel I bought an interim product. Thanks,
  3. Anybody have a variax guitar using the Firehawk FX? My ios app is not able to adjust the variax guitar any longer, Can't update models or tunings
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