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  1. When sharing on customtone how do I go about labeling and explaining the patch ie if you need a variax or dt to get the most out of a given patch. ?
  2. nice tones my BLS brother.And a big mug for holding that Valhalla Java. SDMF.
  3. Has any one purchased the amp packs as I am toying with the idea for the acoustic amp and the roland I have just purchased a jtv and I am getting to grips with that and trying to get ok acoustic tones on the dt 25,I do understand that I am not going to get great acoustic sound with the dt but would having this new pack help this, as there is nothing on you tube yet to see what difference it would make.
  4. Awesome thought it might be something like that, much thanks oh wise and generous one.
  5. Hi I have a new Jtv 59 and i do not seem to be able to see it in work bench, it will not pick it up how do I know if my version of firm ware is correct in my jtv to be able to use it.
  6. Thanks for the response however I have rectified my dilemma. even though things are tight with finances my amazing wife has agreed to me buying a jtv 59 in cherry burst. problem solved ..... :D Just cant wait for it to turn up now.
  7. Does any one know if there are any plans for a fixed tail piece in the standard range as I much prefer the les paul style feel I have never been keen on strat style guitars. I have had a few and never kept them very long. or will the jtv 59 still be being made for a while. thanks Terry
  8. Ok thanks I will try moving it around a bit and see what happens.
  9. When building clean tones should I be using a compressor and if so why and should it be placed pre or post amp /mixer and how should I set it up as I don't have much luck with Compression sound wise.
  10. When building clean tones should I be using a compressor and if so why and should it be placed pre or post amp /mixer and how should I set it up as I don't have much luck with Compression sound wise.
  11. Gig has come and gone and it was not a complete train wreck I had a few volume and bottom end issues but over all I was very pleased with the way it worked out. I do feel that my preparation before getting the amp helped, ie making a copy of the set list and setting all to pre amp through out gave me a good base to start. I now have a week to get on top of the situation before my next rehersal. thanks to every one for your advice it helped a lot. just gotta pay off the dt and then save like crazy to get a jtv but thats a while away. thanks again Terry
  12. Well its gig night so fingers crossed. Had another fiddle with my troublesome patches and simplified them for this event. Will have to work out the bumps after. At the end of the day our sound is quite rough around the edges anyway so I don't think many folks will notice much change. But there's no turning back now hahaha.
  13. Just got back from rehearsals. Before I went I spent about an hour blasting through my patches and was quite surprised how good they sounded for most they needed a bit of gain adjustment,some needed some bass rolling off, that little mother has got some balls on it hasn't it . Whilst some will need a bit more love and care. My biggest problem is with three patches in specific. These patches have me a little puzzled. They are all similar in that they all need clean, dirty and a solo boost channels, for my dirty tone I have a jcm800 to boost it I use a boost compressor and a bit more drive from the od pedal, for clean I had been switching off the amp model which was working out well for me. This however does not work with the dt switch off the amp no sound? So to overcome I inserted a second amp but having a hell ish time trying to level the to amps and when switching between the two I get a lot of clunk snd noise from the amp. Can anyone find me a solution or am I over thinking it after all simplicity is efficiency. But all in all its gonna be a good gig me thinks.
  14. Well it has arrived. so when I get home from work I have a mission on to make it work. Fingers crossed it will be ok can't be any worse than the old amp, can it?
  15. So my new dt 25 head and 1x12 cab is on route and should arrive tomorrow, I have a rehersall tomorrow night and a gig on Saturday night, I really want to use the new amp, I can be very impatient like that, so here are the questions. how much will I need to fiddle with my hd 500x patches to be gig ready. What fiddling will I need to do, or can I just L6 link and get to it. Or would I be better going in the front as I am with my current amp for the first time. I just wanna be prepaired for when I plug in for the first time, which will be tomorrow night. I have read that I would be better off using just pre amp models, which is fine a lot of my patches are just that, but what about the ones that aren't. and what is the topology all about and class a and a/b and how will this affect each tone if I fiddle can i return the settings to a default setting if it goes wrong, this will be my first valve amp so I am freaking out a little as I don't want to balls up my patches that have taken me so long to create, so to help I have already made a copy of my main set list and pre amped all my amps will this be enough. Thanks Terry
  16. Ok thank you for your opinions every one I am very grateful for the input. It is hard for me to try the guitar and or the amp in a shop my nearest dealer is 60 miles away. So I am going to be ordering from the net . I think the amp has swung it slightly as I have never owned a valve amp I feel I need to get that first. So thanks to everyone who has been involved in the discussion.
  17. Head or combo ? As I am leaning towards dt I am struggling to take the step that would make my favourite guitars redundant
  18. I use my own pa as I play in local pubs. I am the sound guy lol. The other question is head and cab or combo .
  19. How much would I need to re work my patches if I went for the dt is it just a matter for fiddling as I am cool with that or would I have to completely re work them . Also as I understand it the cab settings don't exist when plugged in to the dt.
  20. Thank you for your opinion it is much valued and yes I do love my my guitars, I use both an Epiphone dot for the blues and slide work and an Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul for the rock stuff, although I could use an open tuned acoustic or dobro sound for some of the songs we do as they are a bit old school. I currently use a Marshall mg50dfx amp but I have been toying with the idea of a valve amp for ages as I have never owned one, my bass player just bought his first valve amp and ironicaly he has gone from line6 LD to a Marshall head and cab and his sound has changed dramaticaly for the better. My next question is do you know if can I still run the pod through the pa as well as the dt when it is running the l6 link .As that is how I am set up at the moment and quite like the soundscape I have by doing this.
  21. Guys I am in a quandary. I have a pod hd 500x and now I am in the market for the next step to getting the dream rig. I can now get either dt 25 or a jtv . I play in a cover band which the pod has help my sound vastly. But I have never owned a valve amp and would like that authentic sound. But I also play some slide and would benefit from the jtv tuning and acoustic and dobro capabilities. But what do I choose. Can't buy both tried that conversation with the wife it ended really fast.lol
  22. please help again. my exp pedal will not work on my patches since I had to reset the pod yesterday. toe switch is working but my volume pedal and wah settings are not responding to movement, is there likely to be calibration issue or has something reset in the settings I am un aware off. many thanks Terry
  23. holly crap dude you are a complete hero, its alive and I am happy and relieved. thank you very much.
  24. Please help my pod hd500x will not start it just keeps displaying the line6 logo in a cycle and it will not connect to usb either, i tried to go into hd edit software and the program crashed when i loaded it again it said there was no connection to device and thats when i saw the screen on the 500x just scrolling line6. please help i need my hd to be alive i've only had the thing for a few months. is there a reset on the thing any were. many thanks Terry ps i am sorry for spelling and grammer i am in a panic
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