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  1. I purchased the metal volume 2 pack from marketplace and the zip file is invalid. the creator of the pack answered immediately but has no control over line 6 delivery. i'm getting no answers at all from line 6. This is bulllollipop!!! You took my money immediately but I get nothing?? At the very least answer your lollipoping service tickets. I vowed to never purchase line 6 again due to lollipop customer service but did it anyway and now im kicking myself in the lollipop. maybe ill just sell this junk and buy a kemper!!!
  2. keep getting missing dll message when trying to open it. found missing dll but still showing message
  3. My pod studio gx seems to have no input signal. It won't trip the signal meters in pod farm. I have tested everything up to the gx and run all updates through Monkey. This is the second GX I have had do this to me. Is it me or the product?
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