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  1. RealZap, Thank you for you input. It's greatly appreciated. I do have a follow up question to what you said. If you have a midi controller that can send 10 CC's or more and assign Controller Messages like so; CC #1 Amp Channel CC #2 Choose Topology CC #3 Set Channel Vol CC #4 Set Drive/Gain And then CC's to adjust EQ Settings Do you think this feasible? Thank you in advance for your help. Jeff
  2. In theory can you have say "Ch 1" setup for 4 different clean tones, and have Channel 2 be setup for overdriven tones all of which share the same eq settings per channel? And then recall them with a good midi foot controller?
  3. Hi M, Thanks for responding to an issue that happened a year ago. I ended up buying the mastermind GT. I can send 20 CC's. So I would assume that I'll be able to do whatever I need the DTs to do on top of everything else that I have. Have you encounterd any other issues controlling the DT's through midi alone? I'm setting up a stereo setup with 2 DT25's Thanks.
  4. Rowbi, In theory, if your midi controller can send say 15 or more CCs, you can control every aspect of a DT25 including eq settings? J
  5. Map 70, Did you finally resolve this issue? I was planning on doing the same thingwith my 2 DT25s. ( with a different advanced midi controller) J
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