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  1. The Liquid foot stuff is great.. I use it on my DT50.. after searching for a cheap solution I finally decided to grab one.. sometimes they have some returns they sell cheaper... Mark
  2. Pedalsnake is awesome.. I have been using it for a few years... lots less noise and you can have lots of lines in one compact snake. I am thinking of sng Helix in the same way... I can possibly get rid of my rack mounted pedals and midi switcher etc...
  3. Use a FAMC Liquidfoot.. works great
  4. Hi, jfranklin... I did end up using one of these: http://www.famcmusic.com/store/liquid-foot You need to make sure it can send a bunch of CC commands...These controllers are ricey but they seem to be one of the few that can do what I need for the DT50.. Mark
  5. When I got my DT50 about 4 months ago I had 3 options for switching: 1) Standard foot switch between 2 channels 2) POD 500HD or HDx 3) MIDI Foootswitch I decided to go the MIDI route even though it is the less used of most configurations. I am glad I did, after a lot of searching I found these.. While they are a bit pricey, they do anything you need MIDI wise and it can send up to 20 MIDI commands to control the DT50 or DT25's settings. I tried some other lower priced options but this really does anything you need and once you use it you will be glad you grabbed it, I know I was.. Liquid Foot MIDI Controllers You can basically change any parameter and not have to save anything to the amp, So if you want a JCM800 but with Pentode and Class A you can do it and control volume, drive, EQ, etc all with one foot switch press. They also have a good Windows/OSX editor so you can do everything offline and then send it to the foot switch instead of programming the foot switch with the buttons itself. You can also setup set lists/songs, which I am in the process of getting done myself so I can hit one switch and change any other MIDI gear I have and change the amp as well for different parts (solo, verse, bridge etc). So no tap dancing... :rolleyes: I hope this helps! Mark
  6. Looks like I fond it here....http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/64496
  7. Well they both seem to be next to the power tubes they are side by side behind the power tubes...looking at the amp from the back right side up is it the left or right 12ax7?
  8. Which tube is the inverter tube in the DT50 1x12?? I am going to be changing the 2 12ax7's... if looking from the back of the amp, which is the inverter?? Thanks! Mark
  9. Seems like it.. I rather use my pedals than the pod.. Just figuring support may see this and help.. Trying to figure out if I can send multiple cc's to the amp at the same time to change the settings.. Still working on it with my midi foot controller manufacturer but I may need to speak to support.. Thanks Mark
  10. Just wondering if anyone saw it.. I am sure people are using MIDI, just figured maybe more were?? LOL Hopefully someone will have an answer! Thanks for the reply! Mark
  11. Hi Guys, I Just got my DT50 and have been fooling around with the MIDI part of it. I have downloaded the MIDI Implementation guide and I have a few questions: 1) When controlling Drive, Volume, Bass, Treble and Mid how can you determine where the 0-127 is on the dial. I assume 0 is 0 and 127 is Full. Anyone have any ideas where the rest of the dial is? 2) I am using a MIDI controller (SoftStep 2) to send the CC's. My idea is to keep all my clean stuff on channel 1 and all my dirty stuff on channel 2. So I will send a MIDI CC 19 to select the channel, then a MIDI CC 12 or 89 to select the amp model. Then I can select my additional settings (volume drive etc).. Does there need to be any pause between the CC's, because it seems I have problems when I program one button to make all the changes and the amp actually changing the the way I want it... is there a limit to the number of CC's sent simultaneously? Thanks! Mark
  12. I am still going back and forth between the DT25 head+cab and a DT50 1x12 and a 2x12 extra cab (from another manufacturer)... its a hard decision...
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