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  1. Hi! Think I read most of the „noise threads“. I have my HD300 attached to a DT50 Top and when I switch between a Bassman Patch to the Soladano Crunch it makes noise. I will describe it as like a additional much louder sound will be to hear for quarter of a second while pushing the knob down. If there is no input signal from the guitar, no sound in between. Amp Type is switching from I to II Additionally... If I configure the Amps Channel A and B to class A and class A/B and the amp makes makes a real loud „popp“ while switching A to B. What to do? No, the tubes are ok and pretty new. I changed to solve the issue with no luck
  2. Great functions but the Liquids are too expensive (for me).
  3. Hi! I think it is not that simple. But! If you only need a handfull of good sounds (like I do) and if you already have a Midi Footcontroller with Programm Changes, checkout the Midi Solutions Event Processer Pro. Enough Events to change Controllers for at least 6 sounds. 1st CC change Amp modell, 2nd CC change Volume, 3rd to 5th - some tone controls. So you have 5 CC changes each Sound. The processor pro can handle 32 Events. The peak is a (also my) alternative. The smallest one would fit but out of stock. Maybe they build some soon. Cheers, Peter EDIT: The DT Customizer would be interesting if the patches could be saved within the DT and not within a iphone.
  4. Check out the Peak Controllers or the Midi Solutions Event Processor Plus. But this is only for home or studio usage. To complicated to re-programm on stage. I am still looking for a solution like the Event processor plus some knobs and patch storing......
  5. Hi! This seems to be normal. The different Amps have different Gain Settings to produce the estimated sound. Different Amps react different to A/B or A Class settings. So Line6 did it absolutely right here. But sure, it is not very practical if you just want to play the amp without anything else. The Master Volume patch of each amp is also differnt. So you only can use all Amp models with a balanced volume by using a pod hd as controller to adjust the volumes and save to a preset. Geee thats what I am actually working on. Amp internally it is not possible to adjust the Amp Models Master Volume or Channel Volume settings or I don´t know how. You can change them via Midi and they stay as long as they are not overwritten - makes no sense if you need tu adjust more then one Modell. So 1st solution could be a POD HD to control. 2nd a Midi Controller with programmable CC´s.
  6. Hi! I am a brand new DT25 user. After 10 years without any guitar playing I have restarted it (played guter for 25 years). The DT25 is a amazing little box and I was extremly surprised about what Line6 did in the past years. I struggle with the control of the different Amps and their different Volume Level hat makes it pretty difficult to just use a Midi Floorboard to change between Models. I don´t want to use a HD500 because of size, price and complexity even if it is not that complex to hook it up. Maybe it is the "Guys, I have already payed for the Preamp and I don´t need more!" A solution for me is to use the Midi Event Processor Plus from Midi Solutions. Ive got a used one cheap and I can map 32 CC Events to Program Changes. 32 are enough to switch between actual 5 to 10 Amps (Sounds) plus Volume plus some slight tone control changes. For me it is mostly the presence value. Yes it works fine and the little box can be easily programmed if the CC values are available. I check it with DTEdit plus the Midi OX to analyze (send output A to input B) But if I need, or better want to change a CC setting, I have to attach it to the PC and re-programm the CC setting. Ok for home usage. But not if you go to a differnet location for jamming / playing. You have to reconfigure at least bass, presence and volume to match the locations requirements. To save a new volume level to a program change....... Cool would be a controller with PrgChg to CC Change mapping plus 2 or 3 knobs to map these settings to. Okok, you can use a Behringer DAW Controller for example but the key is something small, easy, cheap. Ok, different world but maybe therer is a solution. Maybe Line 6 accept that some users (and I read tons of similar requests, topics in the communities) want to keep it small and sinple. Maybe they come with a small controller without preamp and effects, Different world again :-) So again - I would appreciate your ideas, solutions, products (if this is allowed within a Line6 portal). Cheers, Peter
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