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  1. Ok so I changed the playback to my speakers and I was able to make all the audio play through there... except for Reaper's. In other words, I can play itunes and hear it through my computers output but Reaper's recordings or monitoring does not play at all. Anybody know how to fix this? I never had this problem with my macbook. Update: Ok so I went to audio setting>Recording>Line 6 pod>>listen Then I checked the "listen to this device" box, then I selected my speakers in the dropdown menu. This allows me to monitor my playing through the computer. However there are 2 problems: 1. Terrible latency 2. I still can't hear something that has been recorded. Any solutions?
  2. Yes I am. Should I be using something else?
  3. I've been using Reaper for years on a Mac without much of a problem. However, recently I switched over to a PC and I'm having trouble getting my POD HD500x's output to come through the computer built in output. It was very easy on a Mac, but I'm having trouble making it happen on WIndows 10. I don't want the audio to output to the POD, I want to hear it through the speakers.
  4. I went to Guitar Center to look at some amps and I saw this one in clearance for a pretty good deal (floor model though). When I played it I couldn't get Topology 1 or 3 to make any noise, so one of the GC representatives had too crank up the volume really high to hear anything at all. He told me that it might need a factory reset. So I bought it and brought it home, looked up how to do the Factory reset but it barely did anything. Topologies 1 and 3 (specially 1) are way too low compared to the others. In general, Topology 1 is at a lower volume than a 1watt amp I own. I've seen people here talk about volume jumps, but this one is drastic. If I switched from a good volume in Topology 4 to Topology 1, there would basically not be any sound. Is that normal? Also what steps should I take if it's faulty? I received a really good deal, so I don't want to return it. Can I get GC to fix it, or should I go to Line 6 directly?
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