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  1. I am keeping most of my pedals and will put everything on a 40 x 18 Pedalboard. OCD, Timeline, Kemper compressor Pro, Radial Plexitube, TC Corona, Humbuster, Jerry Cantrell Wah and will probably will buy an Eventide M9 and maybe another Strymon pedal (Rev. or Chorus). The effects in the Helix are great, they fit a certain purpose and taste. The compressors are nice, but the Keeley Pro is transparent enough to give me a baseline and use the Helix compressors for effect, like sustain. My actual distortion pedals seem to have a different bite than the Helix. The OCD "real pedal" sounds great on top of some of the Helix distortion pedals and works great for lead, not only rhythm when run with the Helix pedals. Love the Helix for live and as a controller for MIDI and audio on the external pedals.
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