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  1. Yes im using the "Send", but the mixer only takes XLR The main outputs go to a stereo amp and 2 guitar cabs.
  2. Yes; i want to route the output of the parallel path, with an IR and a stereo reverb after it. so, trs stereo to 2x xlr into my mixer at the xlr inputs its a HX stomp by the way, thanks!
  3. what kind of cable do i need to use the "send" in stereo to my mixer? i split my signal using a ir to the send out to my mixer but want to go stereo. please advise.
  4. Im having the same issue; usb connection keeps droping, ive been trough many usb cables and all fail the same. is there a fix to this problem?
  5. Say i have a stereo preset, going to two amps and two cabs (one L, one R), if i unplug one output, does it automatically makes it mono?
  6. im also interested in this! i have a usb 3 footswitch pedal that i use for youtube start/stop etc.. but i want to be able to change snapshots on hx native inside my daw (reaper) Anyone knows how? its NOT a midi footswitch; its a regular usb one.
  7. You can turn on/off blocks; say you have 6 “on” in snapshot 1 but only 4 on snapshot 2 etc
  8. I would recomend a cheap combo amp, with a good speaker. Just make sure it has a loop so you can bypass it's preamp. You would go: guitar-HXStomp-combo's loop return Disable cabs/IR on the stomp (1 less block to use!)
  9. Is it ok to connect hx stomp through a trs to xlr balanced cable to a mixer’s mic input with global phantom power on?
  10. ....If i want helix native on both my desktop AND laptop?
  11. What if i use a TS to XLR instrument cable? does it block Phantom power?
  12. is this really necesary? to use a phantom power blocker i mean..... i am planing on using a TRS to XLR cable from my HX Stomp into my mixer, which has Phantom power turned on globally (all its inputs).....
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