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    Im a fan of post rock music like MONO, Mogwai, this will destroy you.
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  1. Yeah, ill try the new patch this evening. Thanks for all the help fellas!
  2. Ive tried everything, totally bummed. If anybody figures out something, please let me know!
  3. i tried that as well Triryche, not the issue.
  4. Hey there wonderful, intelligent line 6 community! Ive had a line 6 HD500x for the past year and something very strange happened today. My POD was connected to my iMac and hooked up to a external monitor through the XLR output and i unplugged everything and took it to my friends to work on some tones. When i hooked the POD up at his place every patch had a hum like buzz to them. I did a factory reset, nothing. i checked my cables, nope. I even went straight to my fender deville amp and still had it. What could my issues be?
  5. i thought the CAB DEP was my issue, unfortunately its not. the strange thing is my clean tones sound glorious, but my distorted tones are boomy and muddy. Any other suggestions?
  6. found it! thanks a RADATATS, that cleaned it up!
  7. Sorry for the delayed response! RADATS, tell me more about CAB DEP. Also, i have tried the XLR method , but its too quiet and I've messed with the HF level adjuster, nothing.
  8. i am running one KRK 6 into my hd500x with the 1/4 out and my tone is thick and muddy no matter what i do! im also running studio/direct out, so whats my problem?
  9. this is what I'm doing these days with my POD :)
  10. everyone should be buying the joyo pedals. it sounds stupid good and for 30 bucks? we have won the effect pedal lottery!
  11. Im confused on how i run the 4 cable method into my amp and add my stomp boxes into the chain. i have a soul food overdrive and a joyo ultimate overdrive I'm wanting to put in there. Any vids or blogs i can take a look at? also we need some more in depth vids at how to run the HD 500x.
  12. Hey guys, I'm using my hd 500x for worship and I'm wondering if i can use the 4 cable method and put analog fx in the loop at the same time. is this possible?
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