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  1. Thanks for all your help everyone. I finally got it up and running today and recorded at least a basic track. Now to finetune my tones and mixing abilities. You guys are awesome!
  2. I am using an M-Audio MobilePre that came with the bundle. I'll try tinkering with the inputs and see if that ends up with something being recorded, thanks! I-Lok. Admittedly I tried that and it didn't work. Maybe the trick is with which input it is like what BigChas said. It's kinda crazy, I feel like I am doing everything I should be, but it just isn't working. Needless to say, I'll try again on my next day off. Thanks guys for your advice, and if it works I'll put that my problem has been answered.
  3. Hi guys... I purchased the all-in-one bundle from Guitar Center that comes with the Mac Mini, M-Audio Mobile Pre, Pro Tools 9, and Pod Farm 2.55. I can get podfarm working in Garageband and Reaper, but I just can't seem to get it to do what I want on Pro Tools. I really want to limit myself to ProTools since I bought this thing and ought to be using it, so what I really need is a step-by-step. Can somebody tell me: What type of new track should I insert? My biggest problem is that even the couple times I've figured out how to hear Podfarm through ProTools, I have not been able to actually record anything. After inserting a new track and selecting the Podfarm plug-in, how do I get it from THAT point, to where I can arm the track, hit record, and actually record. Please bare in mind I am somewhat computer illiterate, but I follow directions well. I come from a strictly plug in and play musical background and am just now getting into home recording to still provide myself a creative outlet, so there's a lot of things that I still am figuring out.
  4. I purchased the home studio bundle from Guitar Center that has the mac mini and comes with basic protools, garageband, ableton, etc. It also is supposed to come with podfarm 2.5 near as I can tell from all the literature that came with the bundle, but only has podfarm 2. What can I do at this point? Customer service? Ongoing issue? Or STFU and pay to download 2.5? I am VERY computer-illiterate...I can press record, and play around until I get good tones, but that's essentially what I know.
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