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  1. I recommend everyone who has this product to replicate the problem, just to see if it's in every single unit, or we were just so unlucky. If something happened, please let us know, maybe we can get their attention.
  2. Hi, I am the guy mentioned above who noticed this problem. They told me I have to wait for the new firmware to fix this problem, they changed every chip and kept happening, so yes, a software problem, but I'd like a LINE 6 (US) Confirmation of this, since I'm from Mexico, so I don't know it Line 6 (US) is really aware of this. For me, it's a serious problem.
  3. Im having the same problem as mentioned, when I have the Reverb activated, it cuts out some effects ( mod delay for example). I noticed it only happens when I have my cab plugged it, it doesnt happens with the built in mini speakers in the head. (Yes, I considered that my cab was the problem, but that cutting thing goes away when I disable the Reverb) Does this have a solution? By the way, I also noticed the volume thing, but the compressor knob gives A LOT of volume.
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