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  1. as a one man band myself, I would record my bass, drums & maybe some rhythm guitar on a daw or something or just keep mixing down your drums & bass then mix them down with whatever else then you've got one track & you can just lead/vox over the top.
  2. it absolutely is a powerful song building tool, I switched to a headrush Looperboard and it is just too much, im a cyber security guy & its got me paralyzed where I get nothing recorded anymore. thank god ive still got a computer that runs my riffworks by Sonoma wire works, im sure they won't be updating that anymore either so I have to keep an old macbook & not update or I lose that too.
  3. don't know if you got this answered but the power supply should be a few feet of cable to a box then a few more feet of cable to the jm4 right? that should have been the end of the road for the damage, that power supply box I mean. hope it works/worked out for ya
  4. if youre still hunting for a 2gb sd card that was used in a jm4, im your huckleberry, send me a text or email direct if you get this & still need one, st1man@outlook.com or 314-703-5011 that sucks & I sold my jm4 a few months ago, wish I hadn't, that thing was bitchin for a 15 year old device. anyways I've got the one I used with mine, as long as you pay for shipping or whatever im cool letting it go to a fellow jm4-er... Derek
  5. I actually found the tps mini box, i remember when k first got my variax 300 I was taken aback at end price of those tps cables. Guitar center around here didn’t even know what I was tallkin bout. Still have my 300 but sold my jtv 59 & replaced it with a standard,( Boought the 59 for $600 a couple years ago & sold to 900 then bought the standard for 515 so o just has to do it. I will be snatching up another hd500x which will be my second of that along with an xt live I bought & sold for some reason, then I bought a whammy ddt & a Mxr sub machine so along with those things three ways to octave plus ice got w headrucg looperboard which I bought the add on exp pedal so that’s 4 or 5 octave options. So I’ll be keeping the standard, adding a reverse reverend or fender beck & witt my hd500x, whammy, looperboard & & variax standsrd should be plenty of options to drop a bass line. Hopefully this looper will be easier to work wirt like my old jm4 line 6 looper, it was lollipop but I needed more so I tried a trio + but that was weird so I’m hiijbg my hd 500x has decent drums otherwise I’ll just buck up & Learn this looperboard & or I use riffworks to record songs(greatest songwriting tool ever, hope they update it) but it’s got done dope lollipop drums. All in all I think I’ve used all the variax power devices & im going back to stay with Ty r 500x this time, just got a new M1 iPad too & im told there are some sweet daw options on those. I digress take it sleazy & thanks
  6. i have read several posts that probably did list all of the methods throughout the post and replies. I am trying to put together a complete list beginning with: battery, xps, pods etc variax internal battery xps-dl direct box/power supply and trs cable i had an old box similar to the xps but it was just a black box with 9v power, one in and one out, I cold e sworn it needed trs in and out but i lost i lost it and now i cant even find a reminisce of it onlin POD devices Line 6 POD xt Live Multi-Effect and Amp Modeler POD HD500x (i bought it so i know i can verify) help fill in please helix devices please do the same any other devices that are not line 6 please do the same thanks all MofoStone soundcloud.com/mofostone
  7. i meant it didnt work with batteries or the power box, but youre right i took it apart and cleaned everything and made sure the connections were nice and tight, with all that said line 6 had no manual or diagram of the computer which is kinda crappy, i couldnt find it anywhere but i just did it and it worked so im very happy with that, just a little bittter with line 6 since i own approximately 7 different line 6 products and they dont really seem to give a squirt about anything over a year old, i actually bought riffworks because it was on the l6 site and i questioned why there was nothing i could do key wise with my kb37 other than for an interface and i was told they had nothing to to with riffworks or any sounds other than what i can get out of my guitar port, so why the hell make a keyboard if it doesnt work with the several other l6 items i own, from now on i wont put any loyalty to any one company unless im getting paid by them cuz with all the equipment ive bought from this company in just 3 years youd think a little appreciation and effort wouldnt hurt, but it is good stuff and now ill just worry about it myself, im glad yours works perfectly but if it does go wrong dont expect l6 to help with anything thats not brand new MofoStone
  8. i bought it used a couple years ago and after a year it went out and since then ive not used the batteries but paid more than i should've for the power adapter plus the two expensive grounded cables it needs, im just gonna take it apart and try to clean it maybe if anyone has pics or videos of what needs to be done, id appreciate it, if it doesnt work im just gonna toss the damn thing thanks' MofoStone
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